Being Awake Within A Dream

| April 5, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Being Awake Within A Dream

by Deshawn Branch
Guest writer,

Yesterday I had a discussion with someone about lucid dreaming, and we ended up discussing the different types of methods that people use to have outer body experiences. Now, I don’t usually discuss my personal experiences when it comes to some spiritual things, because most people don’t understand or some of them will assume that what I am saying isn’t true simply because they haven’t personally experienced it. Lately I have been starting to care less about what other people think when it comes to me discussing this subject, so on this day I told her about my personal experience.

When I was 11 years’ old I could remember going inside of my house to take a nap, because I had been outside playing with my friends most of the day. When I went into my bedroom, I laid down because I was very tired. After I opened my eyes, I noticed that I was sitting on the edge of my bed and as I looked around my room, there was nothing in it except for the bed that I was sitting on.

As I stood up on my feet, I felt weightless, as if I didn’t weigh a single pound. I could see something beginning to appear on my bed. Once I could completely see what it was, I realized that it was me. How could I be standing up and lying on my bed at the same time? I started to panic, because I honestly thought that I was dead. As I looked around my bedroom, everything began to become visible and it looked exactly how it was before I fell asleep.

I walked outside of my bedroom and I saw nothing. The whole house was empty. All of a sudden, everything and everyone in the house started to appear where they were before I went to bed, but there were a few things that were different. My aunt and my cousin were at my house and they weren’t there before I fell asleep. My mother and father were watching a different show on television and there were groceries on the kitchen table, which were not there before I fell asleep. I made attempts to get their attention, but nothing worked. I could even tap them on the arm and shoulders while attempting to get their attention, but nothing would happen. They just continued to talk as if they couldn’t feel or hear me.

I started to become frustrated, and at that moment, everything disappeared. Everything around me turned white and I became trapped in this empty space with no way to escape it. A lot of numbers and shapes started to appear. There were so many that the white parts of this empty space that I was in became difficult to see. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was back inside of my house. There was something coming out of me and it was colorful but they were colors that I haven’t seen before. It was coming from me and going towards my bedroom. It was split in the middle and the other half was coming towards me from in my bedroom. It looked like mist, but it was, thin, spinning, and it was very colorful and bright.

Both ends of this mist were about to come in contact with each other, and the closer they got to each other, the more I could feel myself losing control. When both ends finally connected I shattered into a lot of pieces and I could see each piece as it sped towards my bedroom. The light that was emitting from me was extremely bright and it was pulsating. After the last piece went away, it pulled all of me in the same direction, and this colorful mist was connected to me and my body that was on the bed.

All of a sudden, I woke up and I could barely breathe. I walked through the inside of my house like I did when I was asleep, and everything looked exactly like it did in my dream. My aunt and cousin were there, the groceries were on the table, my parents were watching the same movie, and my aunt and cousin were having the same conversation. I never told anyone about this because I knew that no one would understand. It would be almost sixteen years later before I had this experience again, but this time I learned how to have out of body experiences on my own without having to wait for them to randomly happen. Lucid dreaming was something that just started to occur regularly after I turned 26 years old, and they still continue to happen, but it wasn’t until I meditated during a lucid dream that I came to understand how to have an out of body experience whenever I wanted to have one.

I was having a lucid dream. There were a lot of people around me and I made them all disappear. If you have been lucid dreaming for a while, this is most likely an easy thing for you to do. I didn’t like the location of the dream, so I made myself appear at a beach. I changed the sky to yellow, purple, and dark blue, and the sun was green. I floated there, in the sky, looking down at the sand and the water. Then I closed my eyes.

I did Isha Kriya meditation for as long as I could without losing focus. I was doing this for what seemed like a long time and I started to see visions of me. Physically, I knew that it wasn’t the person that I am now, meaning that it was a different body, but it felt like I was watching something that I saw before. I was with a child and a woman on a beach similar to the one that I was at while meditating. For some reason, I started to become afraid. I felt like I was becoming trapped in this dream, and when I opened my eyes I was standing right beside my body, just like I was when I was 11 years’ old.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? If so, comment below!

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