BUSTED! All You Can Eat Buffet Employee Takes Video Of Meat Stored Next To Dumpster

| July 10, 2013 | 1 Comment
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All You Can Eat Buffet Employee Takes Video Of Meat Stored Next To Dumpster

You may want to think twice before going to one of the most popular ‘all you can eat’ buffets.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Golden Corral is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet that features a wide range of food to suit virtually any family’s culinary preferences.

In a recently released video, Brandon Huber, a Gold Corral employee, showed shocking footage about how this particular restaurant in Port Orange, Florida stores their food next to a garbage receptacle.

Huber stated (unedited):

” last weekend i took the Dr Phil’s weekend challenge to turn a problem in to an opportunity.

The problem…..The location in this video is a brand new building less than a year old.

i have been listening to the young people working there tell me horror stories for some time. i watched as this young man try turning in a statement dated dated for june 2nd 2013. The management team refused to let him turn it in, by giving it back to him, the area manager blew him off when he tried to turn it in…….

when he sent me a picture of this food and where it was i couldnt believe it… i told him to get me video!!! when i saw the video I about s*** myself as i realized the stories i was hearing had been true…. there serving maggot slap and fly trails with all you can eat advertisements!….. its been over a week now since this has been brought to corporate attention, I contacted the volusia county health dept….. they dont handle it…. they gave me a number and a persons name….. said to ask for them in person…… the operator didnt know who i was talkin about and didnt seem to care…….i placed an ebay “check out item # 121135647488” that made the owner call the police and tell on himself…..i was contacted by the port orange police dept for black mail….wtf…i made several detailed complaints with corporate golden corral…….i have met with the owner personally, he ownes 30 golden corrals in georgia and florida, he showed me pictures of his new golden corral vehicle wraps and explained he “thought this was a cash call” he explained his deep connections in law enforcement and explained “we could be opening ourselfs to a lawsuit” in a way i felt it to be threatning….. i have several texts with wesh 2 news….. i contacted abc cbs nbc and any other c’s i could get post’s to …. i went to news journal let them view it the video and pictures….. they didnt give a damn!…….i sent Dr Phil a message???????? it was his challenge!….. as of three days ago i left a message with the detective who contacted me about my ebay post….

Why is this restauraunt still open serving maggot smack and fly trialings to the people of Port Orange??

as you see the system is failing us!!”

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UPDATE July 11, 2013

I received the following via email from one of our readers named James:

I  live in Port Orange not more than 5 miles from this location and it  recently opened. I have been there twice, my brother and his family  has been there several times, my niece and her family has been there  at least once, my brothers neighbor goes there at least twice a week  for lunch/dinner in addition to a lot of friends that went to check  out the new place in town. Since this story broke I checked with  most of them and not one person said anything about getting sick or  even feeling ill after going. Also 1 thing that was left out of the  story was that the employees dad tried to extort $5000 from Golden  Corral for the video.

After watching the video and working in restaurants when I was  younger I observed a few things that make me question that it may  have been staged.

1. He said that they were currently being inspected. Why didn’t he  just go get the inspector and bring them to the dumpster?
2. There is a tall rack with several empty slots, empty trays and  full trays on it but yet the hamburgers that are on trays that fit  on the rack appeared to be on display on the little ledge about a  foot off the ground.
3. The green bean casserole is in a pan with a lid but the lid is  twisted to show that it is not an empty pan.
4. He claims to have been working there for a while but this is the  1st he’s seen this??

The amount of food that you see in the video is a miniscule fraction  of what they serve in a day. (For example the amount of patty melts  that were in the video, I watched them fill the serving tray with at  least that many at one time and they were gone as soon as they hit  the tray.)

It could be VERY possible that this was stuff that he was told to  toss out before the inspection because of shelf life and he staged  the whole thing. He does have a criminal history of burglary, his  dad tried to extort $5000 and I hate say it but there are too many  damn scumbags in this town who try to hustle people for me believe  him after what I observed from the video, what I observed from going  there and not one person I know to have a bad experience of getting  sick.

According to an article reported on The Blaze, the manager of this particular Golden Corral was fired for “failing to follow approved food handling procedures” yet Golden Corral has stated that Huber’s father tried to sell them his son’s video for $5,000.

From my own experience, Golden Corral gives me diarrhea every time I go there for dinner, regardless of the location, so it’s obvious that something is not agreeing with my system.

Your best bet is to prepare your own organic, non-processed food because in the end, you get what you pay for.

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