Confessions Of A PureBioenergy Therapist

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Confessions Of A PureBioenergy Therapist

by Darcy,
Healing With Darcy

I tip toed initially, walking into the role of “Healer”. There was all kinds of struggle and resistance within me about being called, or calling myself a Healer. Whether it was worthiness, or an idea that to do healing work and be taken seriously, I would have to be seen like all the other healers and mystics throughout the world. In my mind, there was no getting me into that box. Never fitting well into boxes in general, I didn’t know how all that was supposed to look like for me, this territory was unchartered.

For the first couple years there was this notion of having to be “all-in”. That meant an office, website, business cards and a nice fancy portrait with clothes made from purple hemp or something. Maybe I should burn some incense, and lay around some crystals. After all, the more spiritual you look must mean you are a great healer. Obviously Im having a little fun here, but the image of a healer, which I think many people think about in the beginning is immaterial, and inconsequential to the effectiveness of a healer, so I’ve learned. The key for me was to just go out and do the healing work that inspired me; set an intention to help as many others heal and the rest flows and naturally follows. That other stuff was irrelevant.

The longer I did the healing work the more apparent the importance of not running out and quitting my job right away became. It’s not that healing work can’t be or isn’t a viable profession, because it can be, and there are many great healers making a living from doing healing work; it’s admirable. It’s not that I wasn’t following what was in my heart, nor was I in fear. Rather, it was that there was a need to evaluate the intention and motivation in which I was driven to do the healing work, because that is critical to the success of healing itself. Part of me in the beginning saw the business potential of this, and in order to help as many people as possible, I had to do it full time. In order to do this full time I had to make enough money.

Being a healer is a great honor. The intention first was lofty one; helping others for the overall well being of all of humanity.

Before I could help humanity, there were some other steps missing. Learning to integrate and cultivate gratitude and humility into my efforts, after all its work being attempted for the overall wellbeing of humanity. This prevents getting too caught up or full of myself, i.e worshiping myself as the healer. I’d met so many healers along the way that were so full of themselves, taking themselves too seriously. I definitely didn’t want to do that. After all, life’s not that serious, and no one gets out of here alive. I had to learn over time to take what I do seriously, without taking myself too seriously. It’s a rookie mistake we all make in the beginning as healers.

After the lessons in gratitude and humility, patience came for things to happen in the divine timing as they should and not a moment before. I really needed to make peace with that one, and slowly and but surely I did.

Other things needed to happen too, like surrendering to the fact that in ways I knew less than before the onset of this journey. Everything that I believed was now different. There was probably a ton of other things that I didn’t know as well. That was perfectly ok, because there was nothing that needed to be controlled. Doing PureBioenergy Therapy revealed as many lessons for the healer as the client. The best one yet is in learning to trust the process, the process of life. In order to trust, you have to be willing to surrender to the process. Yet, surrender takes trust….it’s an infinite loop of trusting and surrendering, as is in life. As all those realizations occurred to me, there was also a keen insight on a very deep level that I really was not doing the healing. It made me humble to understand that this hands on approach was heavens work. Concurrently, when those insights came there was the comfort with being called a healer. From that point on it didn’t matter whether I had a full time job somewhere else, cool business cards, fancy website or used enough of all the spiritual buzz words in conversations with others.

The people I came into contact everyday, even at my work are my community. If we are really talking about being of service to humanity, then the people you interact with on a daily basis; the UPS man, the person who you buy your coffee from, the administrative assistant, the neighbor. That’s the community and it’s my belief that the greatest impactful transformations always start first within small communities. It only takes a couple of well intention, determined and service minded individuals to be change agents. Never underestimate the effects of a small grass roots organization, not to mention the power of one and its ability to lift, support and heal a magnitude of people. Literally, it only takes one person to create enough ripple effects to make huge positive impacts on a community. A housewife, a mechanic and even a soldier, could be a great healer in a community or organization. Think about how one person can change and impact lives around them, and affect their communities exponentially.

Many healers, just learning this method come with that same idea of starting this huge healing business. There’s nothing at all wrong with those dreams. Except, I see the look in their eye as if the people around them aren’t the type of people that they should be helping. That it’s those other people on the horizon. It’s always somewhere else, someone else. They aren’t willing to put their head down and go to work with the method learning everything they can. You can’t possibly do heavens work for the wrong reasons, but if the wrong reason are pursued the results are always the same. There will be problems finding clients, even though clients are right under the nose! Eventually over time, the point is lost. The point is to help another, and if the right intentions aren’t kept, healing results won’t be notable. Unfortunately many healers give up before they have had time to work through the kinks and reevaluate themselves. Others fall away because they are too focused on how much money they aren’t making verses how many people they are placing their hands on for the true intention of healing on a daily basis.

When touching people with PureBioenergy Therapy, I never know how it will affect them, and never know exactly what the outcome will be. Frankly, I don’t think it’s any of my business. People come for all sorts of reasons and it is their journey to unravel, I’m just holding space. The deepest, profound and life changing healing experiences with people I initially experienced, were with the people in my immediate circle or one degree away. That’s where it started for me, being of service with the people I knew around me. The Native Indians believed that every family and community had a healer. I started with the people in my family. Then the community, the people in my neighborhood, at the grocery store in the park. The people I didn’t know found me through the people I did know, and had helped and from there it continues to grow. All people are people worth helping, everyone needs healing at some point. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when jobs should be quit, because the job sucks or it’s a toxic work environment, but that’s not the context of what I’m talking about here. I’m saying that if first, connections can’t be made with people in my immediate circle of influence in the community right now, it’s hard to think who will walk through my clinic doors?

Finding people to help is not something that needs a hard sell. It boils down to something simple, either they are interested in being without pain or they are not. Just talking about my experiences and what Ive seen with excitement and passion gets people curious. Working in a PureBioenergy Therapy Clinic helping thirty or so people to heal from all kinds of illnesses, will give you enough healing stories to talk about for years. A man who had a stroke can move his previously immobile arm and walk without assistance now, and the lady with arthritis has no pain after the first day of the four a day clinic. The little girl with Autism that can run up stairs now with no balance issues, and has improved speech. Oh, and the lady who was told by doctors she needed two knee replacements is now completely pain free (and a year later she is still pain free). That gets peoples attention, asking questions and thinking. Even the most skeptical and logical mind would look at me and say there might be something to this.

I’m no less effective or valid as a PureBioenergy therapist, whether walking into a business office five days a week, or not. I’ve reached more people in my community than had I just gone directly to open a standard PureBioenergy clinic cold. The people I have helped would never have been open to this type of treatment and maybe wouldn’t even consider the possibility that they would ever be able to be healed. My everyday community of people trust me to help them because they know me, we have rapport. They hear the honesty and passion in my words when they hear me speak to the things I’ve seen and done with my own two hands. Otherwise I’m not sure the people I’m connected to in my community would have gone out looking for this type of healing on their own as it wasn’t even in their scheme of possibility. By working in my direct community I am bringing new options of wellness to a group that otherwise maybe wouldn’t have considered it. My community is not much different than anyone else’s community. People are everywhere, and they just need to be educated about the abundance of possibilities available to them.

I still frequently get asked if I’m do this work full time, and it’s almost said in a challenging tone as if to say you must be good or not, or it must really work depending if you’re doing it full time. They say it because they don’t know what I know, and what many others know. I’m just a normal human being with a regular job, family and friends and I’ve learned and cultivated a skill to heal with faith and intention that I will touch as many people who need it as possible. I like what I do, and enjoy being around regular everyday people with every day lives and even every day problems. There isn’t a need to segregate myself from the mainstream, when in fact my mission is to help as many people as possible, not just to hang around the ones who are “spiritually awake”.

My love for meeting people and intention to connect with those that can be helped by this therapy never disappoints. I meet and connect with people everyday that are open and willing to experience PureBioenergy therapy. I want to know, come in contact with and help them. It’s what I am here to experience, like everyone else who serves in their own ways within our communities. I’m not here to hide away in an enclave or subculture of people doing what I’m doing quietly, telling people what they already know. I’m here to walk through the front door of the most unsuspecting place in the world and heal it from the inside out one person at a time. That’s what Purebioenergy healing work is all about: transformation happening from the inside out.

It’s true I could do a better job at playing the part so to speak. I could dress up in a sparkly purple robe and speak in a soft and angelic voice and act like I live in a pure state of constant bliss, always maintaining my high vibrational state (of course). Bathe myself in spiritual ego and talk about awareness and the 100’s of levels of dimensions and consciousness achieved. I could talk about cleansing and negative vibes, chasing demons and playing spiritual buzzword bingo with all the spiritually “enlighten ones” of today. I could spend my time saying the same thing everyone else is saying repackaged in a new way so that I seem slightly more spiritually aligned and aware. However, those things bring no value to personal transformation, realization, awareness, and certainly don’t make you any more effective as a healer.

I choose to just be who I am. A mother, daughter, sister, a girlfriend, an Army veteran who happens to also be a Healer. I’m touching as many people’s lives in the most positive way that I can as we transition through a very important time on this planet. That’s the integrity of the situation, even though it may make me seem common or mainstream, and perhaps not that compelling. Possibly, it could sound less spiritual too. I don’t know how to sound more or be more spiritual than I already am. As if being a spirit in the human form isn’t spiritual enough. There are no frills or ego show, this is just pure healing work. It’s the body doing what it does naturally, with a bit of information provided through me to you, in a divine meeting, arranged by the Universe.

About the author:
Darcy  is a certified PureBioenergy Therapist. She came to the energy-based therapy while seeking relief from a number of emotional and physical conditions that were unable to be resolved by western medicine practices. After experiencing rapid results from her initial treatment by the Master Zoran Hochstatter, Darcy began the journey of learning the method of PureBioenergy Therapy, completing the rigorous certification process. She also works with clients worldwide, and resides in the DC metro area.

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