World’s First Off-grid Ecocapsule Home To Hit The Market This Year, Shipping In 2016

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Nice Architects have unveiled an eco-friendly pod that can set nearly anywhere in the world and provide you with sustainable electricity and water.

It’s a 3×5 meter pod that can house two people.  There is a 750 watt wind turbine and solar panels, while it can also be plugged into any electric car.


It collects rainwater, filtering it and storing it in a tank below the pod.  Inside is a toilet, shower, mini-kitchen, bed, table and storage space.

The capsule weights about 3,300 pounds and can be stored in a standard shipping container for transport overseas.  It can also be attached to your car on a trailer.

The company plans to release the pod for pre-order in late 2015.


All images by Tomas Manina

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