Girl Prodigy Has Superhuman Powers Through Painting

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Girl Prodigy Has Superhuman Powers Through Painting

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

The power of creativity has been hidden from humanity for a very long time. Akaine Kramarik reminds us of our hidden superhuman powers beyond our brain’s current ability to comprehend. Her abilities as an artist are clearly beyond the norm, but what is even more amazing is the message behind the brush.

Akaine’s began sketching at the age of 4. She says that she began having visions with a voice that followed her and guided her through galaxies. She began to call that guide “God”. Akaine says that God tells her an idea and she takes that idea and makes it better. Her parents say that she was describing spiritual matters and sketching at the age of 4.

From then on, God told her to paint, and by 8 years old she was painting large portraits. Neither of Akaine’s parents are artists, and she is completely self taught. She is also home schooled and only studies the subjects she likes. She has never studied math and works several hours per day doing only what she loves.

Because her artwork is copyrighted, this public YouTube is the only way to post her creations in an article:

Akaine has her own YouTube channel where you can watch her sketch or see her many television appearances such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Montel Williams, The View, The Wayne Brady Show, and many more, including several news stations. Akaine’s Website,, shows her work from the progression of age 4 to the current age of 18. Her Originals sell for $10,000 – $3M and her Prints sell for $150 – $3100, although she prefers to keep most of her originals.

When Akaine’s mother is asked whether this is a normal childhood, she responded, “If a normal childhood is to sit in front of television and to just be on a cell phone for three to four hours a day, I don’t know if that is normal childhood. I consider a normal childhood being able to serve other people, to help other children, to enjoy what you are doing, and to be together with the family”.

Girl Prodigy Has Superhuman Powers Through Painting

With true talent and a connection to realms beyond our five senses, there will always be doubters and questioners. For one who studies New Age Deception and religion, the question comes to mind about who or what is truly driving Akaine’s human body vehicle. Critics have tried to claim the Akaine’s mother is also an artist of similar New Age techniques and has taught and exploited Akaine. More questions arise from her critics because she has also appeared on multimillion dollar religious networks such as The Lifeline Miracle Network and TBN Praise the Lord.

No matter who or what is creating this art, who is benefiting from the art, or who is promoting her art, the art is phenomenal, and hearing the message behind the art is the icing on the cake. The following is an excerpt of Akaine’s poetry from this YouTube:

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“Actually I am just doing this to help the world to change”.

“Just like a dream, being nursed to life. We are nursed back into eternity. The meaning of love defines the meaning of being born. To be allowed to change on our own is to breathe. Indifference is a quarantined difference. Conscious breathing of the Universe creates a symphony where we receive life like a gift and release it like a present, during a race where everyone holds their own truth. The finish line is a surprise. Discovering peace is worth every effort. But when you find peace, you possess the whole world and you no longer need. The views expect our walking; the perspective expects our effort. Effort always crosses the finish line. In order to comprehend the truth, we need to see the road it travels. In order to trust the truth, we need to remove from its road the speed limit. In order to choose the right path, we don’t have to figure out the wrong one. We just need to follow the light. Purpose of life often becomes a labyrinth, yet any puzzle can be solved from any direction. In order to have a future, we have to live and leave the present. Hope is a knot in a rope that keeps us from falling down. Love is never alone. Love is always crowded. Love is a shared self. We cannot own our love. We cannot teach our love. The longest breath of love is the shortest distance to heaven. Love is not rest. Love is peace. Love is the purpose. No matter what distance we cross, each step is still an infinity.”

“Focusing on what we love and are passionate about creates a purpose and nurtures our creative genius. We need to enjoy life’s journey, not just a destination. Welcoming both triumphs and mistakes is a major part of our growth. Then the inspiration will come to us when we least expect it. Any expressions of arts can be real to others only if it comes to life. It heals us and brings us closer together.”

When our ancient ancestors drew wheels and stick figures representing UFO’s they saw in the sky they did so with the best of their ability to describe what their eyes could see. Perhaps the only way Akaine can describe who is guiding her is from the one word most people know- “God”. The best thing about Akaine is that she sparks questions within the human mind of who or what is the “God” within us and what is “heaven”, while explaining what love is through her brush and her soul.

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show and Body, Mind Soul & Spirit Show (The BMSS Show) on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.

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