How To Make Non Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant

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How To Make Non Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant

Many basic deodorants contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum in antiperspirants.  The following is a great way to make your own, holistic deodorant!

by Anna

Below is my favorite deodorant recipe.  It is AMAZING!!!  My husband can ride his bike 70 miles in the blazing summer and still no BO!     I also love that it’s a great alternative for my girls who are just reaching the age of needing deodorant.  It’s easy to use and you can add essential oils for a “pretty smell”,  if you want.

Deodorant Recipe


6-8 Tbsp Coconut oil (solid state)
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (arrowroot is preferred)


  1. Combine equal portions of baking soda & arrowroot powder.
  2. Slowly add coconut oil and work it in with a spoon or hand blender until it maintains a firm but pliable texture. It should be about the same texture as commercial deodorant, solid but able to be applied easily. If it is too wet, add further arrowroot powder/cornstarch to thicken.
  3. You can either scoop this recipe into your old deodorant dispensers or place in a small container with lid and apply with fingers with each use. Makes about 1 cup. This recipe lasts about 3 months for two people with regular daily use.

 BMSS Addendum: Be sure to use unrefined, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil!

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