Ignite Your Inner Creative Passion

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Ignite Your Inner Creative Passion

by Kyle Wells,
Guest writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com


 In this world, we are born with innate passions. Passions that draw us to certain subjects, certain ways of learning about the world. These creative passions are the spiritual gifts of “direction”, pointing towards our highest selves in our highest vibrations, our highest dreams. We have been led astray from our passions, and thus this article hopes to inspire those who are estranged from their paths, or have gone weary, through personal experience.

Unfortunately, from the time we start ‘formal’ education, we are taught over-simplified lessons in these intricate and concept subjects, in a way that alienates mass groups of children, conditioning them to stress and disgust. For instance, anyone discussing math is usually met with adverse reactions, sour faces, and the infamous “Ugh, I HATE math, I’m so BAD at it!” What is unfortunate, is that math opens up a whole world of numerical data to support every existing (and ‘non-existing’) thing. It is the transcription of the universe.

But the purpose of this article is not about math. I only use it as an example of society’s innate old paradigms that allow children to tie on their own blindfolds to truth, and keep it on each other as they all become adults, well into their old age.

The purpose of this article is more of a focus on my personal journey with science, as that is where my passions arise from.

I was the child that was highly emotional, a true ENFP in the making. I did not chase science for its Brainiac left-brain energy, but because it was the structural, masculine lens that allowed my feminine, creative, feeling energy to learn about the world and how it works. It was about the “how” and the “why”. I was able to make sense of the innate wonder and “intuitive” feeling connection with the world around me.

My father is a network engineer, a man who works with technology, and my mother is a registered nurse, a woman who works with healing and healthcare. I truly become the balance of these two, and pursued an education in Medical Radiologic Technology. This job puts me in the hospitals, taking x-rays (high energy light) for radiographs of patients, and assisting in surgeries (yes, in an actual OR, a part of the surgical team!), trauma in the ER, inpatients who are on their deathbeds, and newborns who are welcomed into the world. I see almost every single patient who goes through the healthcare system. I never realized how my path would have me smack in the middle of all this healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual) with myself, and with all these people. Did I mention I just turned 21 this April 2016?

Life moves fast, people. When you enter your heart and you follow your passions, you will find yourself exactly where you need to be, in almost no time. It does require a lot. In fact, it will require your entire self. It will require you to balance, to heal, and to grow. If you are following your passion, you will find that you have tapped into an unlimited energy source. It will fuel you and you will be able to move mountains.

The only catch, is that in order to nurture that energy source, it must be continuously attended by you. Treat yourself! Take care of your own needs! And most importantly, when you find that you are unable to help yourself, reach out for support and love, and it will re-ignite you, and you will remember yourself and who you are!

In the healthcare world, we have a term for these moments: “Burnt-Out”. When you no longer are adequately handling your own emotional growth and nourishment, you no longer are capable of serving to the needs of others. You begin to get into a routine, and go through your verbal script, jabbing needles, taking blood, etc. etc., and not once look them in the eye. You fail to see the people you are caring for. It becomes another exam, another day. At some point, something gives. And that can be deadly.

So the importance is so very real: TAKE care of yourself! YOU come FIRST!  Then you can be present and be the creator you are!

This healthcare path has offered me countless opportunities for Spirit & Higher Self to walk down the right paths and be exactly where I needed to be, for myself and for others. Especially being in Houston, the number one medical center/cancer center/trauma ERs in the world…!

I have allowed these opportunities to bring my light into these places! I bring a good group of my crystals into work with me, meditate often, and bring good energy wherever I go. I bring down old power structures, shine light on issues, and most importantly, look the patients (people) in the eyes, and SEE them, and SEE their hearts, and SEE their pain!

Hospitals may not be the right fit for many, but there is a fit for you, and you only need to trust your heart! You, too, can make as huge of a difference in the world doing YOU, as I do in the hospitals.

So for all of you out there who are struggling on the choice to choose your passions or stay in a safe place, I encourage you to catch inspiration from my article, and remember your passions!!

Stay true to who you are, and everything will shift towards the Light!

About the author: Kyle Wells is a young, licensed Medical Radiologic Technologist with a hobby in painting, crystals, playing music, and getting outdoors with the dogs. He is hard of hearing in both ears since birth, and this has helped add to his love for language and playing his violin, ukulele, and piano.

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