No Hearts Left Behind

| April 21, 2016 | 4 Comments
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No Hearts Left Behind

by Darcy Hotchkiss,
Guest writer,

When something triggers you and that theme continues to show up in your life over and over again maybe because it’s not yet realized in you; something that still needs to be felt and actualized. I took this idea a step further when I thought about how it relates to concepts of Oneness, and how it’s possible that whatever isn’t healed in me, may not be healed in the whole world as well. If we are all one, then we are also the whole world and the perceived good, bad and ugly that makes it all up.

Back when I was a young 20 something woman in Army basic training they would say, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” That means that the team can only move as fast as the slowest person, we all move together, as a cohesive unit. If one fails, then we all fail and no one ever gets left behind. I often think that in this world people feel the shifts and perhaps it’s only happening as fast as it can with the least mindfully awakened person. We are one human team, even the ones we harshly judge for their unawaken-ness. If we agree that we are all connected, than we all move toward awakening albeit at different stages of awakening. Sometimes we might need to circle back and show some compassion to those that are struggling with their rucksack of life. The process is only complete when the last unaware soul becomes fully awake. So when we are judgmental, critical and feel a bit too special in our own spiritual ego we aren’t helping people around us awaken, we are enforcing separateness, the very thing that slows down human evolution.

Illness is evidence of the presence of despondent beliefs in conjunction with the truth of who we are and often physical manifestation of a person’s emotional and spiritual dis-ease; the body doesn’t know the difference between physical pain and emotional pain. To the body, pain is pain. The body will respond the same way when it is in pain, whether it is emotional pain or physical pain. None the less, emotional pain seems to be the most dismissed and least prioritized as important to heal. If you sprain your ankle do you get mad at yourself because you have pain there and it’s hurting? Then why are people so hard on themselves for emotional pain? I’ve seen many clients come for PureBioenergy Therapy that dismiss or are overly judgmental of emotional pain. In the beginning of my own healing journey, I had deep anger and I was mad at myself for being angry. Which translates into being angry for being angry? I know, silly. Which, in the end, left me exhausted and even more disappointed in myself for not being able to control my own emotions. How productive is that? No one has ever released the source of pain by being more frustrated and angry about the pain; in fact the opposite happens when you are constantly fighting with the pain. That’s called a pain cycle. It can go on for years too, unfortunately.

Being in the body and experiencing emotions is point. In the body we have our moments of experiencing the full spectrum of humanness with an emotional buffet at our disposal. We aren’t meant to leave our body we came here to fully experience this, evolve and merge in full awareness in the physical experience. It happens to be quite a rapid evolution in this human form, so there’s no need to make anyone or anything right or wrong for how the express and respond to the experience, there is only feedback and learning.

Early this year, I got the message I would benefit from being more fully in my body experiencing the human form in more physical ways; using the muscles and sweating, moving and how it’s the most basic and the full expression of the physical human form. Over the years I’ve learned to listen to these messages, so I took up a Barre class. Yeah, that’s right, barre as in a ballet-like class, not to be confused with stripper pole. Although I hear the stripper pole is an excellent work out as well, I’m not quite ready to swing myself in circles and attempt to hold myself in mid-air split. A horizontal bar is the best I can do today and I’m as about as graceful and awkward as a drunken moose while doing it. However, each day I go in there, I still sweat my buttocks off, initially challenging my mental-ness that wants to battle my head with each and every move. There’s an inner critic that comes out to play when I’m muddling through each plie (plee-ay) and releve (ruh-leh-vay), and I feel vulnerable to be seen in my lack of perfection while doing it. I do it anyways because after the class I always feel like I accomplished something. This too, is a spiritual experience. It is as spiritual as doing yoga, or taking a walk on a trail through the woods. What defines a spiritual experience is when we operate from the heart, bypassing the chatter of the conscious mind. Learning to do that more times than not, is an evidence of an evolving spirit.

No matter what we do or how we choose to express, we are always evolving if we are operating in awareness from the heart. When I’m present in the moment, even if I initially feel awkward, like a drunken moose executing a basic ballet move, I’m having a spiritual moment. Eventually, the judge and jury of critical feedback silences, and I appreciate having a pure moment. When you’re present in the heart space, you’ve called in spirit and you feel that there is nothing else you need to achieve. In that space, you are all you need to be, even flailing about in a ballet class. In that space, I realized who I am, what I am, and how I’m meant to serve.

Just as I learned in the Army, we are all in this together, like it or not. So we might as well start showing up for each other, whether we think some are doing things fully awake or not. Evolution is happening, momentum is building and the simplest way we can aid this process is to show up and keep honest company for each other, without judgment in words while showing unconditional  compassion. We only move forward as all humanity moves forward, no hearts left behind.

About the author: Darcy is a certified PureBioenergy Therapist. She came to the energy-based therapy while seeking relief from a number of emotional and physical conditions that were unable to be resolved by western medicine practices. After experiencing rapid results from her initial treatment by the Master Zoran Hochstatter, Darcy began the journey of learning the method of PureBioenergy Therapy, completing the rigorous certification process. She also works with clients worldwide, and resides in the DC metro area. Please visit her website, Healing With Darcy.

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