How To Get Healthy Phytonutrients Every Day Without Going To The Market For Them Every Week

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How To Get Healthy Phytonutrients Every Day Without Going To The Market For Them Every Week

by Mark Alan,
Guest writer,

I can just imagine the skeptic’s thoughts already. “You cant get enough nutrients from plants unless they are fresh”. NOT true, yes you can, most especially compared to NO vegetables, which is not at all uncommon today. And in many ways you can get phytos (plant energy from the sun’s light) much more conveniently than using fresh vegetables! The best example is why make fresh turmeric when it makes a colossal mess and dyes your hands or gloves, counters and containers orange? Why not always have a months or more ingredients, and a pitcher of green drink food in the fridge ALWAYS on hand, instead of about a weeks worth of soggy vegetables some of the time? How about if you can get a richer, better tasting, and more personally effective customized blend of phytos than using fresh only? Do you believe vegetables from powders can be more concentrated and digestible in the body? Thats my opinion.

If you are ahead of me on this path, watch for some suggestions to follow.

Allow me to back up and explain where I got started on this long winding path that got me to the words you are now reading. Lets go way back and start with the study of agriculture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Yes I finished a lot of studies, including inorganic, organic and biochemistry, botany, soils, fertilizers, and even plant growth hormones (senior thesis), before GMO’s were even developed. So I believe the Creator gave us these many and all-natural plants to help us with our health. Corn, soy, rice and potatoes are the major food sources of GMO’s, which is why you should already be avoiding them.

Moving on, decades later, lets meet Nurse Practitioner (Physician) Linda. After she reminded me to drink a gallon of good water (½ to 1 gal, distilled -my advice) every day, we turned our attention to the goal of minimizing inflammation in my body. I had to admit I had not been eating enough vegetables at all. So, like a good physician she gave me a recipe for fresh green drinks which I began to customize almost immediately and nearly completely. Thanks to Linda’s advice, I have not needed to go back to see her for a while as my minor issues are actually resolving themselves.

I believe everybody should, to their own needs, make their own green phyto drink for every day use. I also believe I can promise that nobody else in the entire world, out of billions of people, has my recipe, and that it will never stop changing for the better, every week. Any reader of this article is welcome to do the same, according to their own needs and desires with their own free will. The question I am always asking is: How good can it get?

So, with that said, I will make some suggestions a little later, and you are SUPPOSED to change them for your needs and tastes, OK? Thanks! Was it Plato who said let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food? First of all, WHAT foods exactly? Answer: DRY POWDERED or dry ground vegetables & herbs! I believe there is a franchised drink company that is already doing this with probably most of their green drink ingredients, if not all. But I am speculating, because I have never needed to try one, and fresh really does not matter as much as we have been led to believe, as long as we get good phytos everyday in my opinion. I am sure I like to drink my vegetable recipe better for the positive effects I can only get from only it. Still like the sound of “fresh” yourself? You can make it all or part fresh if you still want to and be happy then! But you may lose several advantages, the first one likely being the possible consistency of using phytos once or twice, every single day.

Alright, if you’re still here, lets get down to business, shall we? I have to keep records on a spreadsheet because I currently have over 30 ingredients, and I often have additions and/or change quantities for various reasons. They are easy to move around in groups and print out, on a spreadsheet. So I strongly suggest you keep copious written records. This is essential for quality control and product improvement. Think consistent taste and better results toward what you want. Amounts are based on a 64oz full blender.

For starters: 3 cups of distilled water. For flavor: 16oz pineapple juice, 1 cup coconut milk (not coco. water) (or 3 tbs coco. milk powder), 1 cup (or top-off for 64oz), and more later, of unsweetened Almond milk. Basic vegetable powders (usually use1-2 LEVEL TBS for all of the following): spinach, kale. Liquid/powdered vitamins & minerals per personal preferences. Ground herbs: wheat grass, parsley, green tea, organic red clover, flax seed, ginger (start ginger w/ only 1 tbs). Flakes like fine leaved parsley & clover can be fine to use right out of the #2 plastic storage containers. POWER ingredient: spirulina, chlorella, and/or phytoplankton. Optional: hemp protein. Maca, yerba mate anyone? Sticks, stems or thicker leaves in some teas need to be ground in or sorted out. That about covers a possible basic green phyto drink. There must be over 100 ways to combine these or some of these ingredients, and maybe your body would like at least 99 of them!

But wait, there’s more! We haven’t even started the medicinal part yet! Back to that nice and now EASILY-HANDLED powdered turmeric again as an anti-inflammatory, just toss in: 3-4 LEVEL TBS. Ground Stinging Nettle (use a coffee grinder when needed for good smoothness): 1-2 TBS. Indian ayurvedics/exotics? You will have to research on your own what or which ones may help you but some say they are powerful yet mild, with very few side effects. Chinese herbs help you? Enjoy all you want to! A larger online retailer and your local health food store will have almost all of these powders. Banyan Botanicals has some great Indian ayurvedic herbs (check out bacopa, for instance) which seem more effective than some Chinese herbs to some people.

Some suggestions on how to use your green phyto drink would be to drink at least a pint (16oz) of distilled water first, after passing through an alkaline pitcher, upon arising in the morning. A healthy honored Japanese practice is to wait before eating your green drink food after drinking your good water for around 45 minutes. But that is of course optional. Maybe wait 15 minutes? Notice how this replenishes first the fresh water and then the essential phyto foods after fasting and sleeping for many hours?

The newly blended green drink must have time to re-hydrate overnight in the refer. before its first use. If you want to thin the mixture down to extend for longer use and/or for better drink ability add Almond milk to the bottom of your glass first and stir in with re-blended mix. You can also add Almond milk to the blender pitcher a cup at a time if you want, as you use it, for a few times. You may want to try 1-2, 12-16oz green drink glasses per day, starting after water in the morning. After a few days you should start to feel better and have more energy. You may even solve some specific health issues such as joint pain, chest congestion or possibly many other issues over time, from YOUR good phyto drink(s) daily.

As a side note, regularity can be assisted if needed by carefully taking another element abundantly found in the chlorophyll of plants (but in the form of MAGNESIUM carbonate) (1-2 LEVEL TSP/day) in a glass of water in the evening. Magnesium is not toxic, but must be used sparingly at first. Magnesium malate (pills) will reportedly help chelate out aluminum from accumulating in the brain, but does not help regularity. Aluminum IS highly TOXIC to the mind and reasoning ability. IODINE (Lugols 5%) can be another great element for the body, usually used externally. Internally, it has the ability to treat radioactivity poisoning to some degree.

Tinker, keep notes and keep trying and you will make yourself the healthiest, best tasting green phytonutrient food drink on the planet for YOU! Without a lot a trouble. It will be ready in the refer. anytime for around a week. Selecting your own specific phytos based upon your own needs will give you the best in the solar-system medicine for food that your electro-chemical body can use. Its chemistry from the Creator, done your way, because hey!, you’re a Creator too, if you want to be! We are ALL connected, right? Moving on again in time?

Need an example of that connectedness? You cannot imagine my huge surprise at hearing Clif High from halfpasthuman,com say the same couple of things already written above about ayurvedics in his video on the same day this article was completed, after working on it for a few days! We had actually both picked up the same subject and some of the same information at the same time to share, right out of the ether! I have never experienced synchronicity like that before. And it proves we are connected somehow.

About the author: Mark is another retired wage-slave, turned full time researcher of truth and knowledge. His interests are the Universe, freedom and peace for humanity, astrology, the I Ching, health, nutrition, computers & machines, plants, rainwater treatment, cats and chickens. He has worked and lived in Hawaii County (the big island) since 1990.

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