Russell Brand’s Terrorism Solution In Two Minutes

| November 15, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Russel Brand's Terrorist Solution In Two Minutes

I guess what we have to do, it’s address the violence within us. Address the violence within us! And try to create communities where these events are less likely to happen.

So what does that mean in practical terms?

  • Don’t support foreign violence in Muslim countries!
  • Don’t support CIA torture in Guantanamo and all of those other institutions!
  • Don’t tacitly support these things and
  • Don’t be suspicious and fearful of people that are different from you!

The only thing we can do, the only power we have on a personal level is loving tolerance and continuous suspicion of both our media and of our politicians, who have their own ends:

The media just wanna create stories and tacitly support the corporations that benefit from wars in foreign countries… because they ARE those corporations that benefit from those wars!

The politicians are always looking to make capital and augment their power! […]

So while, of course, terrorism is bad and violence is wrong — of all kinds, we are not question that… we don’t need to question that!

And you might mean “This is the time, this is the time for grieving and mourning”… NO! This is the perfect time to start looking at why things like this keep happening, and what can WE, on a personal level, as human beings that are on this planet for a tiny amount of time, that are all connected to one another, that have more in common than we have that separates us…what can we actually DO?

There a violent people on both sides of these ideologies, and they are exacerbating it. And we, the people in the middle, have got stop supporting them! We’ve got stop fueling them! One of the favorite phrases of Jahadis is: “We love death more than you love life”, and that’s what gives them power.

So we have the love life more! We have to love life more, we have to truly love freedom, we have to the truly love democracy more, we have to truly love one another more!

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