Think Yourself Thin!

| March 29, 2016 | 1 Comment
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Think Yourself Thin!

by Cheryl Ann Borne

There is mind and there is matter. If you wish to move the matter, you’ll need to tune up your mind. In this case the matter is that inner tube just above your waist. And if you wish to move it, you’ll need to get your thinking straight. Your belief that weight loss can be achieved will have to be more than a moment’s revelation. You’ll need to repeat it and believe in it again and again. Here are some suggestions as to how you can think yourself thin with positive self talk.

Turn Your Thinking Around

Begin with a positive attitude about weight loss. You are doing something good for yourself, and you need to remember that. By sticking to a weight-loss plan, you are lowering your risk for chronic disease and improving your overall health.

Take note of positive incremental results of weight loss. This might be small success such as an increase in activity or no longer having to catch your breath after simple exertions. How we think effects how we feel. Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in the challenges of weight loss such as eating less or feeling hungry, think positively and take stock of the benefits you are collecting.

Prioritize yourself. Taking care of others is part of us all, but we can’t sufficiently take care of others until we first take care of ourselves. Give yourself time to be at your best both physically and mentally. It is okay to say no to additional requests or to have a person simply wait for a more opportune time in your schedule.

Do things to take your mind off of food. Prepare a list of things you enjoy doing that are not food-related. Take in a movie, listen to music, or play a game. You know what you like. Develop methods to take care of yourself that can serve as distractions when food cravings present.

Exercise will be a part of your routine, so do what you can to make exercise as pleasurable as you can. The logical starting point is to select exercises that you enjoy in an environment that you enjoy. Walk in a park, listen to music while you work out, or watch programs you enjoy while you are exercising. Work out with a friend or a personal trainer. Company is always useful. If you become bored with your workout routine, change it. You are not obligated to specific exercises.

Engage in positive self-talk. If you stumble, don’t beat yourself up and think yourself a failure. Moments will occur when we may fall off track. The goals then should just be to get back on track. So a moment of weakness or a bad day is not a self-destruct button. Use your good sense. Spontaneous thoughts are often irrational ones, so examine the situation with positive thinking that enforces constructive actions. Does a breach of diet or a bad day mean that my program is wrecked and that I lack the discipline to lose weight? Of course it doesn’t.

If you want to increase the possibility for success you’ll need to make yourself your best friend and treat yourself to the behavior afforded to such good company.

About the author: Cheryl Ann Borne is a health activist and publisher of My Bariatric Life web-magazine, which deals with the all-encompassing issues around permanent weight loss. Content is focused on treating obesity and its related illnesses, as well as integrative approaches to being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

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