This Fascinating Test Helps You Find Out How Many Colors You Can See

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It’s become apparent that the ability to see various colors varies widely from person to person. The reason for this stems from differences in the number of cone cells each of us has inside our eyes. These cells function as photoreceptors; the number you have affects how many colors of the visible light spectrum you can pick out.

The simple test published below was created by Professor Diana Derval. Answer the question and then check the answers, and you’ll be able to find out how well you see the world around you — and how much your perception differs from other people.

Count the number of colors and shades you can see in the spectrum:

This Fascinating Test Helps You Find Out How Many Colors You Can See

If you see…

Less than 20 colors: You’re a dichromat. This means that you have only two types of cone cells. ’However, don’t worry — you’re in good company here, since dogs have exactly the same kind of vision’, jokes Professor Derval. Perhaps you like to wear black, beige or dark blue colored-clothing most of all. Twenty-five percent of the world’s population are dichromate.

Between 20 and 33 colors: You have trichromatic vision. This means your eyes have three types of cone cells. You are able to perceive purple, dark blue, green and red colors well. This is great — 50% of the world’s population have the same kind of vision as you.

Between 34 and 39 colors: Wow! You have tetrachromatic vision. Much like bees, you possess four different kinds of cone cells in your eyes and see the majority of colors in the visible light spectrum. The chances are you’re not a fan of yellow and you have next to no yellow clothing in your wardrobe. Only 25% of people can see all the colors in the spectrum. It’s always interesting to compare your results with friends. Perhaps you’ve been close to a tetrachromatic person all your life and have never known just how special they are!

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