What Does Your Face Shape Tell About You?

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Ancient Chinese believed that the face is the expression of the inner spirit. In middle aged Europe, beauty had been considered as a synonym for virtue and ugliness as a sign of evil.

Throughout centuries people have tried to understand others by just looking at their face. Although the above mentioned data is considered to be old fashioned due to the fact that everything is now based on scientific research, there are still many who believe that there is a clear connection between face shape and personality.

Round face

This people are considered to be very emotional, sensitive and caring. Men have strong sexual fantasies and enjoy stable and long term relationships.

Elongated face

People with such a shape of their face are very practical, methodical and they do not find it hard to work. These are often times muscular and athletic types of people, but due to too much self esteem they can have problems in their relationships.

Square face

It is often connected with fire and it is therefore possible that people with such shape of their faces to be aggressive, ambitious and dominant. They have a sharp, analytic mind and are very decisive.

Triangle face

They are connected with skinny and handsome body as well as intellectual domination. They are also very creative and sensitive, but with an ardent temper.

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