Hypnotic Spells, Implants, And Triggering Mechanisms

| May 16, 2018
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Hypnotic Spells, Implants, And Triggering Mechanisms

by Angel V Ornedo Jr.,
Guest writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com

Hypnotic spells, Implants and brainwashing have been done to the human psyche by dark forces and their minions thru brain manipulation, cell intervention, surgery and cloning. Archeologist and anthropologist at Mesopotamia, bounded by the Tigris Euphrates rivers, present day Southern Iraq, Turkey, part of Iran and Syria decoded and deciphered picture writings-hieroglyphs on clay stone tablets. They found King Anu, Enki and Ninhursag, (known as Trinity, Creators), Enlil as commander scientists, MDs and colleagues all Anunnakis, volunteered to create human slaves from perfect humans they called hominids to diminish our stature and to perform slave labor at gold mines and households.

Anunnaki scientists are relocated/placed at the African regions by Enlil, military commander to make the human slaves, carbon dated 100,000 to 200,000 years. What they read, nine surrogate women from the Anunnaki were made hosts, surrogate mothers of cloned babies from humans and Anunnaki, who gave birth in ten months, (humans evolved to nine), implanted with combined genes all subjected to fear, anger, anguish and death. The original 600 Anu miners and astronauts made a strike and King Anu acted on their petitions and proceeded to this slavery cloning decision. They came out with animals and perfected the system on humans and Anu over long period of experimentation. Clones with animal heads or humans with four feet and horse bodies are exemplified as initial results. Altered humans who became the perfect slaves with fear and anger in their minds and cloned cells were mated and had sex with the astronauts..

Science fiction stories, NO, readings from clay stone picture writings of ancient civilizations. Archeologists and Zechariah Sitchin, hundreds video presentations on unexplained birth, levitation, creation and futuristic technologies are presented at You Tube by professors, doctors and authors. Writings on stones are difficult to fake like papyrus and animal skins which are reproduced, copied and faked by the religious occult still for control of humans for greed including the Roman empire. That is origin of “implants”, directly from cloned humans and mated by the astronauts from planet Nibiru visiting us every 3,400 years, planet X per NASA, is coming to visit us again Now. Hypnosis and brainwashing are current human dark minion technologies, perfected by religious organizations. Russia and Germany, USA and witches used this system for warfare or for control of humans who died for occult for their NEW WORLD ORDER as ancient as reported by Dr. Stanley Montieth on You Tube…. Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD said that the best thing is learn from others, open your minds and digest information that will serve the highest good of Earth and humanity. No judgment is required but a learning process as humanity has been enslaved. Learn. He spent his life as a medical researcher and a seeker of truth and awakening us for humanity. I acknowledge him as the best MD and spirituualist with Ms. Thompson.

Fear, anxiety and anger are activated by words and pictures implanted in our brains by dark forces triggered when spoken. Fear and anger are the worst traits implanted on our genes, created thousand years of human slavery. They are made worst when they are utilized for chaos or wars. Germany has exploited hypnosis and brainwashing of children born of women from the best military genes of the German army who are trained assassins of their killing organizations during the last World War.

Words like death, control, dictate, ‘mandando’ are common and I am a victim of these exploits in 1984, an unwilling witness like the terrorist today. These ‘’Triggering” words activated implants of anger and fear, I got from a religious ceremony in Brunei on the conversion of my Christian business partner to another occult sect from words, rhythm, hypnotic songs and music which I do not understand, all in colorful ceremonies. (I was not converted but my partner was). Immediately thereafter, I had my bouts of ‘triggering and anger activation’ in 1985 and succeeding years. The trigger comes from another human with implant to trigger these nasty actions to create chaos, wars and destructive societal destructive actions.

My experiences in my professional and personal life are devastating, destructive and overwhelming throughout my life. When one of our car repair specialist told me after several months of funded travel and paid work in Brunei that he is transferring to another car repair company, I asked him to reconsider with my brain still in control, but he told me it was final order, ‘mandando’ to his superior, myself triggering attack. My adrenalin shoot up as I lifted him and was about to throw him outside when my brother in law cautioned me my act is illegal. I realized the situation, walk away and released the built up energy within by running away from the scene. In subsequent attacks of inutile brain, the word death and mandatory are triggers. Still in control, I try to persuade the person at the first instance to reconsider, influenced by the dark to stop talking and I will do what is proper and righteous, but the person continued and the trigger comes again uncontrollable this time. I talk in a loud voice, which I can hear myself talking, my spirit operates separately, but I cannot control my outburst. The mobile body-shell I hear talks, uncontrollable and my awakened spirit cannot do anything! I am out of control in these situations. At an operations corporate meeting, a Korean project engineer is telling me to follow him, mandatory when he has no authority over a Managing Director. The trigger started and I banged the table, said lousy words and ran away to avoid deadly encounter with a foreigner working in our country, a place where I created 25,000 sustainable jobs. I could eject him out of the Site or declare him persona non grata. The contractor Korean Project Officer Head was apologetic.

I had nine triggering points in my life that started in 1985 after a religious ceremony where the hypnotic spells activated cellular implant on humans, a record of 3.5 outburst per year/activation in my lifetime. I will eliminate this implant with plasma and photon light from God, Source Energy that I absorb daily as I am praying intently to SOURCE- consciousness of Christ to accelerate cure. The Fulcrum of Source heals this implant all in time with a raised Gaia to 5D.


Source Energy is overflowing humanity and Earth with healing and cleansing Plasma Light energy. October 8, 2017 marked the overflowing of golden plasma energy and the flooding of Immunity Grid on the planet and photon light to the world which started in August, 2017 and photon light energy five years back. I pray deeply from my heart-divine mind connection that with these energies, humanity and myself will be cured of this sickness made on men by the dark forces and their human minions, the Cabal and Illuminati. Earth and few humans have been raised by collective consciousness to 5D, healed and cleansed.

Added to implants, hypnotic spells and rigorous brainwashing of supposed authorities are doing it on cells and cloning humans. It is done on very young unknowing children, brainwashed, kidnapped and lured to crimes, slavery and prostitution all over the world by dark forces to disrupt the transfer of humanity to higher vibrational frequency. Chaos and wars are their worst creations.

Knowing the trigger words, I get out immediately of a rut when I hear it, otherwise the implant controls me. Christ solution is dust your feet off and ran away. Realizing the effects of implants, hypnosis and actions of dark and criminal syndicates, modern men can do something ourselves to heal the world and create love and peace. The wars and chaos of 3,000 years are mimics, synchronized, overlapping illusions, where wars and terrorism are common, but with Source on our side the battle is won. The shift is ongoing right NOW and we trust the Source All That Is for Conscious Light-God oriented, pervaded and perfected light overflowing Earth . Implants of Fear, anger work together to destroy us.

“By holding the energy of fear one empowers reality to create difficult circumstances. Release all fear-based concern as this is your key to lifting into an expanded consciousness and therefore into a more abundant reality. This allows then for the Creation to bring to you its own understanding of perfection. For this, you must Trust.” Elohim/Thompson

Patience and trust are very necessary human traits all these years. Source All That Is supports us and is behind us! Human acts for the highest good will prevail with Conscious Light pervading our environment.

Love and light,

ANGEL V ORNEDO JR. , 11.21.17

About the author: ANGEL shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-ME, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas..” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Amazon.com or link with him at [email protected] or listen to universal channeling, link at https://tinyurl.com/ybdgfj67

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