Aligning With Healers Of Nature From Source

| May 11, 2018
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Aligning With Healers Of Nature From Source

By Angel V. Ornedo Jr..
Guest writer,

Nature and elementals create their presence with you from the time we were born as they celebrate our cooperation and sharing Source Energy with them. Our birth means amnesia and veiling and accumulating of experience at our chosen ancestral parents. Here and Now Gaia is happy there are a few humans of 7B world strong population who fully concentrate in protecting Mother Earth even at harm’s way. Protection of mammalian families, humans, whales and dolphins, young trees and the 500-2000+ years old towering trees of the world and our future on earthly abode. They rally to preserve our oceans from waste, used oil and plastics that destroy eco systems, mountains from logging/degradation and environment …… more, destroyed by darkness and Archons. Other conservatives call Earth a mini-prison escape impossible save Hermits who do not bother us and live alone!

GAIA is a sentient being alive, disturbed by relentless destruction of her bosom and innards with human annihilation ways like nuclear bombs, rockets and destructive missiles. These alerted Agartha/Observers to act and team up with humans. Endless wars, chaos, havoc creating fears, anguish are instituted by Archons to continuously supply them energy-food, from humanity’s sufferings and trials transmitted to their receivers from our transmitters, electromagnetic. They cannot face light thus get it from us. Hope has come around as light clears deception.

FATE has a plan for each of us. Plant trees in projects, enclaves, industrial, commercial and residential subdivisions. We create parks-gardens as breathing spaces, on occasions ridiculed by peers as we plant trees and culture them. One Sunday, rest day to eat at a nearby mall, mild stroke hit me, my arteries and veins are blocked by plaque cholesterol and blood cannot circulate thru my heart. Medical doctors after performing laboratory examinations, angiogram….. and other heart and arterial analyses, want angioplasty, 2 stents done on my body. My wife and myself disagreed. M.D.’s Asian Univ. of PH experts, suggested oral treatments which I did. Fifteen years after, doctor said I am well if I pursue my treatment including exercise, vegetarian and fish intake. Praise Source Energy for this healing.

DOCTOR’S ORDER has to be followed strictly including Drug/non drug prescriptions. Dropping all meat except fish and eating raw or stewed vegetables or fruits fifteen minutes before meals.

1-Breakfast is two to three fruits, a serving of rolled oats;

2- full meal at lunch with no meat but stewed or vinegar cooked milkfish, or salmon/other scaly fish;

3- one wheat bread sandwich of veggie or fish for dinner.

4- Dropped 25 pounds of weight as required from 155 lbs.

5- My business partner from USA medical pharma asked me to take a teaspoon of Noni extract for 3 weeks with berries, then rest and start taking Noni extract all over again, for life.

Hunger pangs at night is solved with one fruit from choice of pineapple slice, apple, banana or avocado one hour before sleeping. Dr. Sy, my MD said after 15 years of thrice annual examinations pronounced me in good health. I agreed to be a test subject for a drug for a pharma for 5 years and possibly assist humanity. Cure comes this 3D scientific way of healing from nature’s best if you can get guidance from medical doctors. Aside, higher self said experience is the best teacher for others who would like illness cured if they resonate as everything is individual with a semi-vegetarian diet, better of course if full vegetarian. Dr. Stankov says “statins, anti-biotics, fluoride and chlorinated water are not good for cardio vascular problems, part of our light body processes”, LBP which medical doctors do not understand. I helped in the cure for myself with Infinity Breath, ( see in5D), is best example of healing, calming and meditative exercise.

Gratitude to Source Energy is in order. Protein-enzyme sources from plant kingdom, water, oxygen, heat and solar light from elementals are nature provisions, free. Healing and cleansing remedies from fruits and veggies, that I leave to you. We have effortless abundance all around us that works.

I was recalled by Consciousness of Christ on 12th March 2007 and many succeeding higher self-reminders reversing my business life 180 degrees, to a teacher of values, sharing and service to others, 90% exclusive, ultimately reducing body mind stress. I asked Source and Observers assistance, prolonged extension of my mobile earth vessel, a full preparation for unity consciousness and Shift. Source violet, blue and golden fire of love instilled peace, eliminate impurities of my physical body, my ties to this world till full embodiment.

We share with humanity these truth and knowledge in preparation for the shift and ascension. Breath of experience may help someone out there as at 3D, my two doctors, one faded are the best for me in Asia and Observers are there to assist. We will not be here for long as the Source allowance for the journey is only a few decades away to Oneness, ways of conversion to crystalline form. Deception is exposed and Light is exterminating them now.


About the author: ANGEL shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-ME, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas..” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at or link with him at [email protected] or listen to universal channeling, link at

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