Are You Blessing Your Food The Wrong Way?

| June 22, 2018 | 2 Comments
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Are You Blessing Your Food The Wrong Way?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

Many people learned at a young age to pray or bless their food at the dinner table. While the traditional method of blessing food may be better than unblessed food, we haven’t been taught why we should bless food and how. Most food simply goes down the hatch without appreciation, but those that do bless their food miss a few extremely important steps.

Why Bless Food?

Eating blessed food can help aid in digestion and can affect your body in more positive ways. There are four good reasons why you should pay attention to the vibration of your food:

1. When a person prepares food they are putting their energy into it. If you are eating out at a restaurant or your if your spouse may have had a bad day at work, you literally take on the vibration of the food preparer.

2. An energy connection is made with everything we touch, especially living foods. Every person that touches a piece of fruit from the orchard or garden, in the store, and even the checkout person puts their energy into your produce whether they realize it or not. No one ever taught us in school that our food carries a myriad of energies from everyone that comes in contact with it, and this is usually a negative vibration more than it is a positive one.

3. Much of our food is tainted through pesticides and genetic modification. We have more power than we think when it comes to modifying our food’s vibrational level so that they help us rather than poison us.

4. The majority of animals are not raised in good conditions. Dairy products and meat carry the vibrations of that animal, especially the point where they are killed.

Are You Blessing Your Food The Wrong Way?

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies with water and ice crystals have given the world evidence that vibrations affect the structure of food and water because it has consciousness. If Dr. Emoto proved that thoughts, intentions, and words can have a desired effect on water through his ice crystal experiments, then the same should go for your food. When eating something that has been given high vibrations, it will in turn effect the water in your body. Blessing your food can truly change the structure and energy state of your food before ingesting it, thereby affecting the structure of your body’s cells in a more positive way.

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In this amazing rice consciousness experiment, words written on the jars of rice and the intentions of the words affect the rice over a period of time. Our words carry much more vibration and can affect food tremendously. After watching this video, imagine what loving words can do!

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Traditional food blessings

People who give traditional thanks through prayer before a meal are putting positive vibrations into the food with gratitude. If you have been in the habit of traditional prayer at the dinner table, I invite you to look at the motions of prayer in order to maximize your food’s vibration.

People who give traditional thanks through prayer before a meal are putting positive vibrations into the food with gratitude. If you have been in the habit of traditional prayer at the dinner table, I invite you to look at the motions of prayer in order to maximize your food's vibration.

Some people begin prayer by holding each other’s hands and closing their eyes. Just by joining hands, you are already making an energetic connection to your family member and you will either give them your energy, take their energy, or both. Other people may bow their head, close their eyes, and clamp their fingers together, closing the energy flow from their fingers.

One person is usually the chosen one to say a prayer. Many times the prayer has been said so many times, (maybe even 364 times the prior year), that the words become autonomously spoken without feeling.

A new way to bless food

A new way to bless food

One key to effective blessing is for each person to put their own energy into their own food. It is a good idea before you start a blessing that your legs are not crossed and your feet are on the ground. When you are putting thoughts and intentions of raising the vibration of your food, your hands should be held over your food because energy runs through your arms and out your palms and fingers. Energy also comes out of your eyes! Therefore, it is a better idea to look at what you are blessing while talking directly to your own food.

Without crossing the line in religious or spiritual debate, I will simply state that once you realize who you really are and what you are capable of, you do not need to pray to an outside force to bless your food. The love and gratitude you carry inside of you is enough to raise the vibration of your food, water, and even your own body.

An Example of Raising Food’s Vibration

To start, you could close your eyes in order to ground and clear your mind, but then open them before focusing on your food. However, closing your eyes is not necessary in order to become centered and grounded.

Gratitude and love hold the highest vibrations. Hold your hands over your food and imagine rays of sunshine coming from your heart into your food. Truly speak from the heart and try not to get caught in the trap of monotonous prayer. You can change up your blessing for each meal you have, individually thanking the various types of food. Thank the animal if you are eating meat, chicken, or fish.

Ask for your food to serve in the highest and best interest of your body. Tell your food how much you love it, especially if it is one of your favorite dishes. Get as creative as you like, but it doesn’t need to be long and drawn out. I strongly discourage you from eating in front of the tv, but if you do, try to at least bless your food somewhere where the television is not on!

Better yet, if you are the food preparer, begin your blessings in the kitchen. The cognizant raising of vibrations of the food being prepared for others is acceptable, as it helps their highest good to receive your love and gratitude rather than all of the energy that was previously attached to the food. Of course you can also bless your water or anything you drink as well!

Finally, look at the breakdown of the word “blessing”. It encourages us to “be less”. Eventually we will have new words that empower us rather than make us less. We have a standing joke here at headquarters when one of us sneezes, we say “more to you” instead of “be less you”. Be creative and do not be afraid to change the rules every now and then!

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