Epic Cannabis Rant!

| March 11, 2018 | 0 Comments
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Epic Cannabis Rant!

by Kendra Gilbert,

I just left my local community Facebook page because I honestly can’t take the amount of idiocy and hypocrisy surrounding the subject of cannabis.

I’m not a “child”, I’m a grown 40 year old woman who has raised two amazing boys (still raising my youngest) and feel that I’m more than qualified and capable of thinking clearly and forming a truly unbiased opinion. Not that it even matters, because it sadly doesn’t, I’m an Honor student and my GPA has been a 3.9 for as long as I’ve been in school. My point? I’m not a “free thinking” idiot or a “brainwashed mainstream” boob either lol. Facts are facts, problem is everyone thinks they are working with “facts” because they get most of their information from the media which is funded by the corporate dogs who benefit from an ignorant, divided, and brainwashed public.

I know MANY people, close friends and family, who use this for everything from anxiety and stress to pain relief. Please explain to me how it is “so different” than taking a prescribed xanax, tramadol, buprenorphine, methadone, diamorphine, fentanyl, hydromorphone, morphine, oxycodone, or pethidine?? Do you know some strains are so low in THC that it can be comparable to taking an aspirin or advil? Did you know that there are actual CBD and THC receptors in the body? Did God or the Evolution fairy just screw up? Can people honestly not just take a minute and THINK about that alone?? Does it not just sound STUPID that people have a problem with a NATURAL MEDICINAL PLANT and rather have a bunch of shit chemical lab created drugs that are addictive and have more side-effects, including DEATH?

Having family members diagnosed with cancer treat and heal themselves, knowing people with severe medical conditions successfully treating themselves, and witnessing the phenomenal and drastic affects on people who suffer from severe anxiety, seizures and other illness…actually GET RELIEF is not a “fairy-tale”, and I will call anyone with this stigmatized opinion a complete hypocritical moron. Matter of fact, I find it insulting that “beliefs” are more important nowadays than people getting the help they need. I also am VERY offended on behalf of the good people I personally know who use cannabis and get unfairly judged and ridiculed by a bunch of ignorant fools.

Anything can be misused or abused, just sit outside a liquor store for 15 minutes and you will see that for yourself. Just like “guns” not everyone who owns one is a crazed maniac wanting to shoot people…I mean seriously, where the hell are people’s BRAINS?

If you have ever drank more than ONE alcoholic beverage in your entire life, than you are a total hypocrite if you automatically assume cannabis users are “lessor” people than you. Matter of fact, it makes YOU a lessor person to cast such hypocritical judgement.

I do NOT judge people for partaking in drinking, something that is ALWAYS “recreational”, I don’t judge people for smoking cigarettes either – but maybe I should LOL???

“DRUGS” should be judged by the individual harm they cause, so if we are going to start there…lol cannabis is no where NEAR the top of that list, and really doesn’t even belong on a list titled “drugs” because it’s not a drug, it’s an edible medicinal plant – much like rosemary, thyme, or oregano…lmao

There is absolutely NO ARGUMENT as to the positive affects of this god-given medicinal plant and I get really sick and tired of people’s “personal junk” getting in the way of their intelligence. I don’t regularly even use cannabis, thankfully I don’t need to, but not because I “think” there is something wrong with it.

People are so asinine, and then they want to say only people who use or grow cannabis want to move to Colorado… I mean there are nooooo other reasons, it’s that devil pot!!! LOL… the stupid is so thick I almost choke on it…

I feel I’m doing way more injustice to my body when I consume an alcoholic beverage, eat meat or dairy, consume GMO’s, get a vaccination (which I will never EVER do again), or take a prescription drug – than I EVER do taking a Cheeba Chew to help me sleep!

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And if you don’t know what a Cheeba Chew is, than again, you have nothing to judge anyone about. But idiots would still say it’s better if I take a chemical laden drug to help me sleep, because after all, it was prescribed by a “big pharma pill pushing doctor”, than to take a natural product that does a BETTER job without any of the CRAP associated with REAL DRUGS.

Even when taken in recreationally, you will NOT get the same impairment as you would after a couple beers or alcoholic drinks – period. And why do people drink and smoke cigarettes? For some of the same exact reasons! LOL Hypocrite much???

I mean seriously, stop watching the “movies” and pull your head out, because this is a mainstream agenda driven ignorance that has been perpetuated since the 1930’s – WAKEY WAKEY.

People who have never smoked or eaten an edible DO NOT have a voice in my opinion, you can’t judge something you know nothing about. I have met more DRUNKS and METH HEADS here in the area we have moved to than I have EVER even seen, heard or smelled cannabis being used. It was a DRUNK who shot at our house and threatened our family, and METH HEADS who blow up entire neighborhoods.

I’ve had my meals served to me by a kid in town with meth mouth so bad I could not even eat the food I was handed, it literally made me want to puke. People complain about the “smell”…seriously?? I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, drunks, or the funk stench of pubs and bars, so does my opinion not matter because for some reason the stink of alcohol consumption is somehow “less offensive”? Do people not realize that DRUNKS are responsible for more deaths than cannabis EVER has or EVER will?

I just honestly cannot believe people are literally whining about the smell of a natural medicinal plant, but don’t even seem to be concerned with cleaning up the meth, heroin, and alcohol issues in this country…you know, the “real problems”.

People who cry over gun rights, and then condemn legal cannabis users are hypocrites as well. I mean seriously, get a life, get a clue.

Oh…and by the way, some of the most powerful, intelligent, creative people throughout history used cannabis…most likely including biblical figures lol

What I find to be even more funny, I don’t hardly ever touch it, and I’ve never used it recreationally, and I can see the hypocrisy and ignorance VERY clearly. Meat and dairy farms stink way worse than any field I’ve ever driven past growing cannabis, I can tell you that!

About the author: I’m Kendra Gilbert and I am the owner of Virgo’s Alchemy.  I’m an OOAK (One of a Kind) Figurative Sculpture (Art Doll) Mixed Media Artist and Artisan Soap Maker! At Virgo’s Alchemy, you will find all my latest collectible art pieces, as well as my bubbly concoctions – which are now available over at my Etsy Shoppe. Thanks so much for visiting my strange and unusual home here on the web and don’t forget to hook up with me on Facebook and Instagram!


Gregg Prescott, M.S.

I agree with Kendra. Even if marijuana were legalized, I probably wouldn’t smoke it but I sure as hell would grow my own and make CBD oil. The non-medicinal reasons, alone, would support legalization for uses as paper products, hempcrete, fuel, etc…

And for the record, Kendra is an amazing artist and artisan.  Her soap is so beautiful that you may simply decide to use it for ornamental reasons, but it’s equally fantastic for personal use as well. She was my cohost on In5D Radio and I can attest that she gives 110% to everything she does. You won’t be disappointed when you shop at Virgo’s Alchemy and chances are, you’ll be back for more!


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