How I Healed Autism In My Son With Zeolite And Other Natural Methods

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How I Healed Autism In My Son With Zeolite And Other Natural Methods

by Kelly Lapseritis,
Guest writer,

This is a summary of posts that I made over the years on Facebook regarding how holistic treatments helped to detox my autistic son. I am happy to know that this information has been found and used successfully for so many people.


My 3 year old son was diagnosed with moderate autism. Rather than medicating him with synthetic drugs, I have researched many holistic options and chose to begin detoxing him with a natural mineral called ZEOLITE which pulls heavy metals and toxins out of the brain.

I began giving my son just one drop of the mineral 5 days ago. After two days, he spoke his first sentence and said “Bye Daddy, I love you” when he was dropped off at his preschool and the teacher and other kids heard it too clear as day. After 4 days of taking the drops, he has added at least 10 new words to his vocabulary and he is much calmer and more cooperative. He has been happy and content and doing a lot of role playing with his toys instead of just throwing them and being destructive. He is also much more content and not acting aggressive towards those he loves.

This morning, he was all smiles and had a wonderful attitude when he is usually Mr. Grumpypants, and he willingly used the potty, let me wet down and brush his hair and teeth, took his vitamins, got dressed, and all of the other little things that he does not want to do and will throw fits over, and he did it all with absolutely no whining or hesitation.

This bottle of Pure Body Zeolite from Touchstone Essentials is truly a miracle for my son and his development, and this is only the beginning! Please feel free to share this, I would recommend this to anyone to detoxify and cleanse for any reason!


I have been continuing to give my son doses of zeolite daily, and the results have been truly amazing! His behavior continues to improve, he is talking much more and adding new words to his vocabulary daily, but the most amazing results are in the way he looks at me and shows that he understands what people are saying and what is expected of him.

You can see the light in him and see his spirit making a connection to the communication and relationships that surround him. He looks and listens. He mimics and repeats. He reacts and responds appropriately to situations, and he has not had any outbursts or temper tantrums (unless someone takes away the toy in his hand). He smiles and poses for the camera and leads me to activities that are in his regular routine.

My little boy is thinking more clearly and showing marvelous improvement at school as well. His teachers and therapists have sent home notes telling me of the good mood that he exhibits, the new toys that he plays with and accepts, the new directions that he is able to follow, and the new sounds he makes and words he uses. They are amazed and excited to see how well and quickly he is progressing and expressed their joy to see him wanting to learn and play. It’s a wonderful feeling to see and feel my child doing what people said could not be done and to see his beautiful little face light up at knowing that he is making his mama so proud.


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It has been several months since I have given an update on my son’s ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and I am happy to announce that he continues to show remarkable improvement and signs of healing. He is 3 1/2 years old now, and I continue to give him small daily doses of the Pure Body Natural Zeolite mineral supplements so that the toxins he continues to come in contact with on a day to day basis are being flushed out as quickly as they go in.

In addition to the zeolite and his daily vitamins, he also takes children’s formula Omega 3’s, probiotics, and plant derived trace minerals that have been proven to provide nutritional support for gastrointestinal health and healthy cellular and brain function. Additionally, he listens to Sound Therapy frequencies targeted as an autism aide that stimulates the brain at a subatomic level which leads to greater awareness and coping abilities. This ancient healing modality based in quantum physics assists in relaxing the muscles, balancing the hemispheres, and releasing tension. He LOVES listening to these tones embedded in harp music and watching the beautiful dolphins swim which supports extra relaxation for him.

As I reported last August, he has been more attentive, talkative, makes eye contact, and shows understanding, and these traits have greatly improved over the months. He demonstrates echolalia with his favorite movies and songs, repeating whole sentences with enthusiasm, showing expression and voice fluctuation. Not only has he been repeating things, but he has made several requests verbally for what he wants rather than pointing or leading me to the object that he wants.

His behavior has changed so significantly that he rarely has meltdowns unless he is experiencing sensory overload or an abundance of negativity or high emotions in an environment. His fine motor skills have also shown brilliant improvement and he completes simple tasks that he has never initiated before such as washing his hands, brushing his teeth and hair, going potty, blowing his nose, and filling his own glass of water at the sink and drinking it. He even helps straighten up his messes and tells me when it is bath or bed time. The teachers and therapists at his developmental preschool are still blown away at his fast learning curve and the new things that he says and does on a weekly basis.

Since he has shown so much improvement in the last few months, I have also began playing new interactive games and teaching him new lessons but being careful not to overwhelm him. He is now able to recognize several animals and make their sounds, point to and say several different body parts, recognizes and matches colors and shapes, and he is beginning to learn numbers and quantities. He is now doing most of this without any prompting.

I praise him highly each time he behaves well, cooperates, and shows his intelligence, and now he just loves to show off how much he knows. I have enrolled in Autism education courses to learn how to effectively teach my son with interactive curriculum to help reinforce the important lessons that he is learning at his preschool. We have special games and movies that we watch together that he is so excited about and loves to participate in. I am finding that my little boy is a little artist like his mommy as well because he especially loves our arts and crafts time when he is given an opportunity to create something himself.

I am so proud of my son, and I am so thankful that I found healthy, nutritional, safe, and effective alternatives to help treat and heal my son’s symptoms on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. My son is living proof that with Love and God’s gifts given to us through nature and provided by our Mother Earth, anything is possible and true healing and miracles can occur!

~Kelly (Nesbitt) Lapseritis


Hello, everyone. Thank you for your kind words and continued support. I am happy to know that this information has been found and used successfully for so many. You start seeing the affects of the zeolite immediately in terms of detoxing…. you will most likely will urinate more frequently at first and some can see or smell toxins coming out in it.

Changes in behavior, focus, muscle, etc depends on how much the toxins were affecting someone. In cases of brain fog, memory loss, pain, etc, many of these things are made worse with the amount of toxins and the type of toxins. Those in the brain will take longer to heal than those that may be only on the skin. The zeolite also works topically if you suspect reactions due to toxins. For example, some folks my develop a rash due to emf or radiation and zeolite will help heal these areas. However, it does not affect parasites which is a major cause of problems that begin in the gut, but natural products such as wormwood black walnut will kill parasites very quickly and should be done at least twice a year for everyone.

Yes, zeolite and detoxifying with natural products are effective and recommended for everyone. There is no way to avoid these dangerous environmental toxins even if you eat organic and non-gmo foods, drink pure water, and cleanse your air…. it is everywhere in the air and will affect anyone that comes into contact with anything that came from the outside. The more exposure you have had to toxins, the longer it will take to detox and feel the affects which usually brings you more energy and clearer thoughts as well as less pain and symptoms.

Adults have had more exposure throughout their lives than most children, but that is quickly changing these days since we are conditioned to give our children vaccines, cows milk, and foods made with dyes and high fructose corn syrup, etc. Nowadays, babies are born with about 250 heavy metals and toxins in their bodies that they got even before leaving the womb. Most of this is also the conditioning and requirements pushed on us by society in an effort to keep us docile and dependent. In addition, all of the valuable trace minerals found in the soil, food, water, etc no longer exists and people are dangerously deficient and unable to heal as quickly because they are missing the nutrients required to keep your body/mind/spirit in balance. My husband and myself use zeolite and take trace minerals as well and can feel a big difference since before we took it.

My son is 6 now and is doing excellent in every area. He is in kindergarten and speaks and behaves very well. He is still hyper but the troublesome behaviors have ceased… he no longer harms himself or others, listens and comprehends, takes initiative to help himself, and he can speak in full broken sentences now, leaving no doubt as to what he is trying to express. One of the greatest blessings is that he now expresses his feelings, telling us if he tired, hungry, sad, in pain, excited, etc. which is a really big deal because we can all understand and accommodate each other better when we can communicate in ways that all can understand. He is very creative and imaginative too… something that I suppose grows with age but it’s very clear that he is no longer in this brain fog he used to be in…. you can see it in his facial expressions and reactions.

As for those asking about the zeolite specifically, there are many different kinds and brands that come in all forms (liquid, powder, capsule…) but Touchstone Essentials Pure Body (both the dropper and the spray) are the best quality that we have found so far. You can ask for Jennifer Meadows as that is who we order from. Zeolite is tasteless and odorless. You can mix it in anything and it will be effective although the spray directly under the tongue is the most effective of all. The cost is well worth it when you consider how much you are saving yourself in trouble with sickness, medicine, doctors, lost time at work or school, hospital stays, but any kind would be beneficial. My son is so healthy now too. He gets an occasional head cold but nothing that has ever lasted more than 2 days and started getting better the same day it began.

I honestly forgot about this note, but happy to know that it has been found on google searches (although not sure how). This is originally posted as a personal note on facebook and is set to “Public” so you should be able to share it. If not, please feel free to send a friend request to me, Kelly Lapseritis, on facebook and then maybe I can share with you there. Thanks and many blessings!

Kelly Lapseritis About the author: Kelly Lapseritis is a speaker at the In5d Lifting the Veil Conference on March 18, 2017. Kelly is a writer, editor, and publicist for Comanche Spirit Publishing along with her author husband, Kewaunee Lapseritis. In August 2016, she designed and published “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh” as authored and transcribed by SunBôw. Kelly is a lifelong experiencer of the paranormal including Extra-terrestrials, Sasquatch People, Angels and Ascended Masters, spirits, and other interdimensional beings. Kelly, like the Sasquatch People, is a Lightworker whom practices the ways of Native American spirituality, traditions, and medicine. Her guides teach her many of the ancient ways like Shamanism, meditation, and intention to achieve spiritual harmony, balance, and love. These practices are all a part of the wisdom that she shares and coaches to open-minded and open-hearted souls.

Find out more about meeting Kelly in Seattle HERE.

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