How To See The Jewel Of Dreams

| May 8, 2018
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How To See The Jewel Of Dreams

Guest writer,

The jewel glistens around us at all times; can you see the opulent beauty that surrounds us each and every moment?

Life is much too precious to waste any moment on negative thoughts and negative people. Cut out of your life all that doesn’t bring you to your highest self and highest happiness.

Impermanence is the most sacred thing that life teaches us. Nothing lasts. Death comes at each and every moment. Live the rest of your life with utmost gratitude for each infinite moment that passes by. Do all that you wish to accomplish now. Love others like you’ve never loved before.

Quit your worthless slave jobs and pursue your true passion. If you have to wonder what your true passion is, think back to your happiest memories as a child and what gave you the most joy is what you should have probably done with your life. It’s never too late.

Time is an illusion, don’t let it slow you down—don’t let it rush you up. To change what you see in the world—change what you see in yourself.

If you died tomorrow, would you truly be proud of what you did and said today?

Live in peace with no regrets.

For all sentient beings—wish them wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment.

While in meditation, focus on feeling joy and gratitude for Earth moving into her optimal timeline reality. It is the moment of global disclosure and unveiling, and all awakened ones now shine brighter than ever.

You are here for a reason. That reason is to raise the vibration and frequency of all living things on this planet. Simply by being who you are, it is positively affecting all those around us.

Forgive all negative events that have taken place. Feel no fear in your heart. Let it go. Live each precious moment in gratitude. Watch the world become the jewel of your dreams.

About the Author: LOTSWA was given his name through a dream. He is an artist and researcher preparing the world for Cosmic Disclosure—the unveiling of historically suppressed knowledge that will awaken humanity into the New Earth of 5th Dimensional vibration.

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