My Amazing Experience With The John Of God Crystal Therapy Bed

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My Amazing Experience With The John Of God Crystal Therapy Bed

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Anyone who ever had chronic pain knows how debilitating it can be. For me, it was chronic sciatica pain emanating from a compressed L3-L4 in my spine. Basically, according to my x-rays, it was bone on bone. Up until last December, I could only walk about 300-400 yards before having to squat down and stretch out my back to relieve the numbness down my left leg and the pain in my lower back.

Up until this point in time, I had tried various holistic measures to alleviate the pain, such as Reiki, massage therapy and quantum touch healing but none of them ever eliminated this issue.

This past December, I went to upstate NY to visit my daughter for Christmas. While I was there, I stopped at a friend’s business, Cindy Staffin of Essential Awakenings, and spoke to one of her co-workers who told me about the John of God crystal therapy bed. I asked her if it could take care of my sciatica issues and she told me it works on everything. So, I scheduled an appointment the following day.

The John of God crystal therapy bed is basically a massage table or bed with a series of crystal lights that are aligned to your chakras.

The following is from a John of God Crystal Bed FAQ:

The “Crystal Bed” combines the power of Color Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. This energy stream produces beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being. This combination of healing energies is further GREATLY ENHANCED by the “Healing Spirits” of the Casa de Dom Inacio. These Healing Entities are the Spiritual Beings that work in and around the Casa de Dom Inacio and with all those deeply connected to the Casa family. These are also the Entities that are incorporated by the Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, also known as “John of God.” The colored light shining through the crystals is a tool that the Spiritual Doctors use to channel their healing energy into the individual receiving the “Crystal Bed Healing.” As the color is transmitted through the crystal onto the corresponding chakra, the chakra is cleansed, energized, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This allows the other aspects of our self, whether it be mental, emotional or physical, to be brought into balance. For when the chakras are out of balance, all the other aspects of ourselves will also be out of balance. Then, as these subtle energies are brought into balance, the body’s own natural healing mechanisms are able to function as they was designed to do. The “Crystal Bed Healing” cleanses, balances and recharges the body’s energy and creates a deep relaxation. It is also a great preventative modality.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was instructed to take off my shoes and lay down on the massage table, face up. The practitioner placed a white cloth over my eyes and a headphones over my ears to play ambient music during my session. She adjusted the crystal lights, making sure they were properly aligned with my chakras. Then, for the next 40 minutes or so, I just relaxed. At the beginning of my session, I asked the Universe, Creator, my spirit guides and guardian angels, etc… to help allow the healing to occur. Then, I took a deep breath and relaxed. I almost fell asleep several times.

My Amazing Experience With The John Of God Crystal Therapy Bed

At the end of my session, I was told that each day, my sciatica issue will feel better and better and that these entities will continue working on me long after the session has ended.

Within 3 days, I no longer felt ANY pain in my sciatica or down my leg. Within the next couple weeks, I ended up taking walks of 5-7 miles without needing to stop once for pain or to stretch out my back. Anyone who knows me can attest my chronic sciatic issues and have seen me squat down numerous times to relieve the pain, but not any more!!!

Now, the FDA will not allow me to say the “cure” word but I think you get the point. The next to best part is the cost, which will generally run around $30-60 per session, depending on the practitioner and amount of time you desire. The best part is obviously the results!

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7 years ago, I had a Stage 3 cancer removed from my back. Usually, when cancer gets to Stage 3 and beyond, it’s terminal, but I beat it. That being said, I truly think the John of God bed is more of a miracle than even beating cancer. Why? Because cancer wasn’t debilitating at that point in my life. Sciatica issues were.

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