10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

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10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

Does your partner seem “wise beyond their years”? If so, you may be in a relationship with an old soul…

An old soul can make for an incredible partner in a relationship. Their perspective is profound, and the way they conduct their life can make you fall deeply in love with them. However, it is very important to identify the characteristics that make them so.

Before learning to recognize the signs of an old soulwe should probably understand what an old soul isAn old soul is someone who is thoughtful and contemplative. They see things through the eyes of someone with years of experiences that make them wise to the ways of the world, thinking and acting in a unique way

If you notice these signs, you may be in a relationship with an old soul:

1. Old Souls Tend To Be Introverts

The energy of someone with an old soul comes from their down time. They might prefer to spend time at home and alone, but are very comfortable in social situations too. While engaging and observant when they are out, they often need quiet time to process the event and recharge their batteries.

2. Old Souls Thrive on Philosophical Debates

An old soul is interested in a superficial relationshipThey want to discuss and share their thoughts, feelings, perspectives and their hopes with the people that matter to them. Good conversation is an important and significant part of what makes an old soul happy, and it’s through these conversations that they develop strong bonds with people, especially their partner. 

3. Old Souls Love to Share Life’s Lessons

Nothing gives an old soul pleasure more than sharing life’s lessons. They don’t do it in a demeaning or condescending manner. Instead, they find the balance between teacher and lover that makes their partner want to learn more. 

These lessons often have to do more with big ideas like gratitude and mindfulness and elevate the relationship to a new level.

4. Old Souls Are Always Supportive

Old souls are often the rock in the relationship. They are introspective and resilient and can look at challenges with a calm presence that others benefit from. Their patience in tough situations is what will pull everyone, especially their love interest through the darker periods of life.

5. Old Souls Do Not Play Games

Old souls don’t tolerate drama or the games that come with certain kinds of relationshipsThey are more interested in truth and authenticity. They welcome relationships based on mutual respect but are less likely to engage in less than honest and forthright connections.

6. Old Souls Are Very Honest

Honesty is the foundation of communication for an old soulIt is a value they deem very important. They can even be brutally honest at times and expect the same in return. 

Their intentions are pure, however, with a focus on sharing what they know, rather than ignoring it.

7. Old Souls Love Deeply

Old souls don’t love half-way. When they are in a relationship, they are all-in and want their partner to feel the same. They open their heart freely without reservation and will continue to do so if the relationship serves them as equally as they are serving their partner.

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8. Old Souls Feed Off Their Social Connections

Connections within their community in addition to their partner are important to an old soul. While their partner is held in higher regard and holds a more prominent space, it’s all the meaningful connections that make the old soul who he is. They know that relationships feed their soul and cherish the people in life that matter most.

9. Old Souls Are Eccentric and Creative

Old souls have their own way of doing things, and this is often seen as eccentric. The reality is they are different from most people; they are creative in thought, and how they express, themselves and they don’t feel the need to conform to the social norm. Instead, they are constantly searching for and living their truth.

10. Old Souls Inspire Others to Be Better

At the end of the day, an old soul inspires others to be a better version of themselves, and this is especially true for their partners. Their ability to accept, rather than resist what is happening around them, makes others want be more like them. They go through life at a pace they dictate, and it’s up to us to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Old souls create a life of meaning that is fulfilling and rewarding. They welcome everyone into their world to make their space better and allow them to continue their growth and learning. 

For those of us lucky enough to love an old soul, whether romantically or platonically, we recognize that our lives are better for it, and we cherish every minute of it. 

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