The Essence Of Trusting The Process

| May 17, 2018
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Trusting The Process

by Limitless Dreaming,
Guest writer,

Many Souls on the Spiritual Awakening path are immersed in the predicament of placing their Intuition over logic, not only because the chattery nature of the relentless ego fights for its survival at all costs – a fight that has already been lost the split second the Universe of Separation was created – but especially because heartful intuitive action initially evokes the exact opposite reaction by Souls with their logic-reliant ego in the lead!

Taking heartful intuitive action presupposes that subconsciously we have already calculated the worst-case outcome for our ego and more often than not the immediate reflection back to us after having “taken the risk” of heartful intuitive action IS the manifestation of this worst-case outcome, which in actuality is the best-case outcome for our Soul’s progress because only in this way deeply buried feelings of sudden regret and doubts stirred by our ego can be swept to the surface.

Most significantly, the challenge for us is to trust that the short-term outcome might look worst but the long-term outcome will be best. The lure of regretful emotions with our reappearing ego saying:” You see, I told you” initially is inevitable but in reality our decision averted a much more regretful experience that would have lurked ahead if we had listened to our ego, a fact our ego cannot grasp as it is merely designed to operate on that which “lies within the eye” while our heartful Intuition knows what “lies without the eye”.

It is the moment we internally let go of the short-term worst case outcome and the subsequent regret and doubts and remember instead that our action was based on our purest heartful intuitive Intention free from ego that our entire perception on a situation changes and finally allows us to let in the manifestation of the miracle that reminds us why the way we chose was the most wonderful way!

It is a guarantee that our general state of Inner peace, Happiness and Gratitude will elevate to heights we never dared fathom before!

Especially with the demarcation between 3D and 5D currently taking place on Earth, heartful intuitive action immensely triggers Souls still latching onto their ego as the surrendering nature of the deep-reaching Heart opposes the clingy aspect of the superficial ego.

But remember: we are all One. The more the ego is being triggered the more desperately it fights for its survival. Yet in reality the ego’s protective shield is growing weaker every second and the door into the all-forgiving Heart is opening up incessantly.


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