The Meatsack Stage – Why Am I Here In This Body?

| December 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

The Meatsack Stage - Why Am I Here In This Body?

by Katie IndiCrow,
Guest writer,

Many people are awakening to the trajectory of their souls’ experience at a time in their journey where they reallllly don’t like being in their bodies or sometimes, being human at all.

I call this the ‘meatsack stage’. In this video, I talk a bit about it. I also offer an alternate perspective on how to communicate with our sacks so that we might live in harmony.

Love always,
Katie IndiCrow

About the author: Katie IndiCrow is a writer, intuitive energy worker, mentor, and teacher. She specializes in ascension anchoring and energy training for all levels. See her facebook page, IndiCrow Energetics, for more information:

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