The Spiritual Significance of Veganism

| May 9, 2018
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The Spiritual Significance of Veganism

by Jim Hallahan,
Guest writer,

The practice of veganism is a way of life which seeks to exclude the use of all animal products from daily living. This entails one’s dietary consumption as well as their material needs, such as clothing and cosmetics. It’s primary intent is to reduce the suffering and exploitation of living things as much as possible. Secondarily, but not of lesser importance, is the premise of environmental sustainability. The industrial farming of animals on a mass scale is environmentally damaging and ultimately unsustainable. The practice of veganism is seen as an ecologically sound solution which will reduce the strain on resources and greatly mitigate threat of environmental collapse. Aside from this, veganism is widely regarded as a way to optimize one’s health and reduce the risk of a wide variety of health problems.

Veganism, when viewed from a spiritual perspective, is an absolutely essential practice and could rightly be regarded as a necessary prerequisite for spiritual advancement. This premise is based upon the understanding that there exists a set of rules and principles to which all soul entities of the universe are applicable. This is commonly referred to as “universal law”. The full scope of this law is presumably beyond our current understanding, however, it seems evident that they generally pertain to prescribed regulations necessary for the universe to establish and maintain itself in a state of harmony. Quite ostensibly, the most elementary of these regulations entails that we cohabitate with other species in a peaceful manner. This is of fundamental importance due to the interconnected nature of energetic fields of which we are all intrinsically composed. All of these energy fields are, in essence, actually one single field, and the nature of this “universal” field is such that the integrity of its whole is predicated upon its individual parts. So essentially, what directly affects one ultimately has an indirect effect on the whole. Because of this reality of physics, it would be almost paradoxical for a sentient species to sustain itself through carnivorous predation.

Probably the most foundational issue in regard to this involves the concept of vibrational resonance with respect to an individual’s energy field. Every soul entity has its own unique vibrational level, which is essentially the resonant frequency of its energy field. The particular frequency at which it resonates is dependent upon the entity’s level of spiritual attainment, which in large part is predicated upon the entity’s actions and choices and whether or not they are in conformity with universal law. When a soul entity observes universal law and extends unconditional love and respect to all life-forms, the frequency of its energy field will become higher in vibration. Conversely, when a soul entity transgresses upon universal law by feeding upon the lifeblood of conscious living organisms, it has an adverse effect upon its vibration, which essentially lowers its level of consciousness. So from the standpoint of one’s own personal well-being, modifying one’s diet in accordance with these principles would actually be a very sound and practical undertaking. It essentially furthers the attainment of “higher consciousness”, which is beyond question far superior to the trivial satisfaction gained from material pleasures.

Higher consciousness, for all intents and purposes, is without question the absolute pinnacle of achievement, and its attainment—the refinement of life force energy—is very likely the central reason for existence. The nature of an elevated state of consciousness is, in essence, an expansion of awareness. It is a transcendence of perception, which enables one to comprehend reality on a much deeper level. We begin to view life from a broader perspective that is based on the standpoint of the collective rather than the individual. The lower-self’s influence over our behavior begins to diminish, and correspondingly the connection with our higher-self begins to strengthen. As this occurs, our central focus in life shifts dramatically, our priorities change, and we begin to focus on higher aspirations. The mindless infatuation with sensual pleasure gradually fades away and is replaced with an attitude of high-minded idealism.

To understand the evolution of consciousness on the metaphysical level, it is necessary to first understand the complexities of the higher-self/lower-self divide. Because this dimensional plane is of a particularly low vibration, only a portion of our soul can inhabit the dense physical matter of the body. This creates a divide between the lower vibrational and higher vibrational aspects of our soul. Because we are disconnected from the higher self, we are at a drastically reduced capability and no longer have access to the storehouse of our soul memories and consequently lose all awareness of our identity and purpose. When we raise our energy and elevate our level of consciousness, what is happening on the metaphysical level is that we are becoming more vibrationally resonant with the higher-self, which allows us to incorporate more of it within the body. So in effect, raising our vibration enhances and ultimately re-merges the connection between the higher and lower selves, thus allowing the full functionality of previously dormant spiritual faculties.

It is important to mention here that a substantially elevated state of consciousness cannot be obtained through veganism alone. The vibrational change and subsequent shift in consciousness will ultimately depend on the sum total of remaining suppressive influences. To illustrate what is meant by this, it is helpful to draw a comparison between the energy field and a cork floating in water. Like the cork, the energy field has a natural buoyancy or tendency to rise upward in vibration. When we infringe upon universal law by committing acts of an unethical or immoral nature, negative energy accumulates and it’s as if weight is being added to the cork. Our energy field increases in density, and our vibration shifts downward. When we correct these infringements, it’s as if weight is being removed and our vibration naturally rises upward. So the level of consciousness resultant from these modifications would of course depend on one’s overall degree of compliance with universal law and not just their dietary regimen. For instance, if one practiced veganism but routinely harmed their own body by abusing illegal drugs, the level of consciousness of such a person would obviously be lower than a vegan who did not use drugs. It’s important to realize here that causing detriment to your own body is just as much a violation of universal law as harming any other life-form.

When considering the ethical grounds for veganism, an important factor to take into account is the general misconception regarding consciousness among non-human life-forms. The current consensus of society on this subject is that humans alone possess the cognitive capacity required for consciousness. However, from a purely scientific standpoint, this conclusion is certainly without sufficient evidence given that the whole of science has virtually made no progress in its understanding. Indeed, the vast majority of scientists readily admit that they have no idea how consciousness emerges from the physical activity of the brain. This fact very much reinforces the established spiritual interpretation of consciousness, which holds that consciousness is universal and is inherent in all forms of life, albeit at different levels of awareness. It also proposes that consciousness is not entirely a product of the brain but an intrinsic component of the energy field and resides on the metaphysical level. This explanation would account for a diverse range of inconsistencies which seem to indicate the existence of consciousness in life-forms with distinctly primitive nervous systems. The reason we fail to notice the telltale characteristics may likely be due to the fact that animals do not possess the faculties necessary to communicate their internal state. It may also be that consciousness can express itself in ways that we aren’t able to recognize.

The implications of universal consciousness would quite obviously necessitate an entire re-evaluation of moral and ethical standards. It isn’t enough to simply increase our efforts at mitigating the harm we are inflicting. We need to make immense strides at reaching a state of absolute interspecies equality. The age-old ideology of man as the center of all things is not only inaccurate, but is ultimately self-defeating and has never been in our best interests. We need to wake up and realize that we are inextricably connected to the planet, and cannot ruthlessly exploit her creatures without mortally wounding ourselves. The sooner we come to realize this, the infinitely better off we’ll be. Of course, this will inevitably require far-reaching changes to society, which will drastically run counter to our deeply ingrained materialistic tendencies. We should realize, however, that as we now find ourselves on the brink of environmental collapse, these changes are no longer optional but are fully necessary measures needed to ensure our continued survival. If one should question the essentiality globally concerted dietary changes, one only needs to consider the fact that cattle farming is the leading cause of deforestation, and is particularly rampant in areas harboring the greatest concentration of species. In addition to this point, it has been calculated that if highly populated countries in the east, such as China and India, were to adopt the standard Western diet of predominantly red meat, we would need approximately four to five planet Earths to compensate for the amount of resources it would require.

Not surprisingly, these views of universal equality are not reflected in the doctrines of most major religions. The general view, sadly for those less fortunate species, is that humans are of an exalted status and have been given divine authority to use and abuse animals has however they see fit. This belief, with all respect to its adherents, is most assuredly incorrect. Man is not supreme amongst Earth’s inhabitants, and quite honestly it’s profoundly arrogant that we even consider our species to be of great intelligence let alone superior. When you take an honest and objective look at our behavior in comparison with other life-forms, it’s plainly self evident that we have an abnormal and extreme propensity towards our own destruction. Indeed, no other species fouls its own nest to such an extreme degree at such a breakneck rate of speed. In any case though, the prevailing wisdom on this matter is certainly not a product of the divine. The true official version concerning the hierarchy amongst Earth’s inhabitants is that there is none. It is that the entire spectrum of life on this planet, from the smallest micro-organisms to the largest mammals, are exactly equal in significance without any gradation of importance whatsoever. This concept is known as “oneness”, and it is probably the most significant and fundamental aspect of creation. It holds that we are all one being, all of us unique aspects of the same whole, and that no separation exists or has ever existed between us.

Why this sentiment is not integral with mainstream religious philosophy is most likely due to the marring influence humans have had on religions since their inception. It is commonly known and seldom disputed that the doctrines of most faiths, if not all, have been changed over the centuries—carefully and gradually tailored to make them more in accordance with the policies of the ruling government. For instance, it could reasonably be assumed that all references in the Christian Bible advocating the use of war were deliberate perversions intended to nurture the public acceptance of Roman military aggression. Through these means, it isn’t hard to conceive how the core values of a religion could get lost over time and replaced with a doctrine reflecting primarily human values, serving solely the needs and interests of the political establishment. The particular motives behind suppressing such ideas of universal equality are hard to pinpoint. There may well have been some nefarious esoteric reasoning, however, it could have also been largely a matter of our pretentious nature and the natural assimilation of our human-centered ideals.

Another major point of contention which is necessary to address would concern man’s history of carnivorism and how that would ostensibly seem to justify its basis and rationale. Opponents would certainly argue that because man has been carnivorous as far back as records can tell, this would seem to indicate that meat is a natural part of our diet and is therefore appropriate and excusable. This is, by all rights, a quite ludicrous assumption. It could scarcely matter how long man has been in defiance of universal law, universal regulations do not change, and the duration at which a transgression is committed would never result in its eventual validation. The true state of affairs is that for as long as we have been at our current level of consciousness, we have assumed a level of responsibility which extends beyond our own survival. This entails that we now act as planetary caretakers and conform to new rules of conduct concerning our measures of preservation. We can no longer sustain ourselves by feeding upon the flesh of conscious, living creatures; we have to grow up and act as evolved beings and extend nurturing care to all of life. As to whether meat is actually natural to the human diet, the prevailing wisdom is that it is not. Recent studies have been done on the structure of our teeth which clearly indicate that they have evolved in adaptation for the consumption of plants, which suggests that for the greater part of our history, of which no records exist, we have been predominantly herbivorous.

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In addition to the detriment of our energy field and vibration, the consumption of animal products likely carries long-term karmic ramifications as well. This is not a situation of “divine retribution”, but rather just the natural laws of the universe. It’s all determined by how we expend our life force energy. If we dispense higher-vibrational energy by acting out of love and kindness, the energy is returned to us greatly multiplied. If we dispense lower-vibrational energy through actions which are destructive and unethical, the negative energy is reflected back in a like manner. In addition to this, the energy becomes stored in our energy field and remains as a karmic pattern which will continue to have an effect on us. As a consequence, our spiritual growth will be stymied indefinitely into the future until we eventually balance that karma. Considering the vast importance of our continued spiritual development, it would be undoubtedly foolish to compromise this for the temporary satisfaction of our taste buds.

Another key element to this issue which should be discussed is our curious detachment from the stark reality of what should rightly be considered multi-species genocide. This is not an exaggerated statement and if anything it’s quite reserved considering it’s on the scale of billions of animals per year and is being perpetrated solely for the purpose of material satisfaction and greed. When you carefully contemplate this fact and bear in mind that animals can not only feel pain but have a capacity to experience emotions, it is difficult to fathom how decent human beings could turn a blind to something so utterly appalling let alone actually partake in it. The major reason behind this is that we have become so severely desensitized and conditioned that we literally cannot see the reality of what we’re doing. We need to become cognizant of this and realize that our collective complacency with this situation does not free us from accountability. Furthermore, we need to recognize that we are all equally responsible and cannot hide behind the false excuse of being just one of the many.

In addition to our conditioned insensitivity, the problem is also largely due to the population being at such a low level of consciousness. When we’re operating on a lower frequency, we have much less of a capacity to experience the full range of higher frequency emotions like love and empathy. We also tend to be much more immersed in our own individual interests, which are invariably centered around fulfilling our material wants and needs. As we become higher in vibration and merged with our higher-self, we become more closely connected with the higher levels of consciousness present in everything. As a result of this, we start to develop a sense of interconnectedness with nature. It is a feeling of becoming one with creation, which awakens a deep sense of empathy and compassion that transcends our shallow justifications for the cruelty we inflict upon animals. As this progresses, our circle of loyalty eventually expands to encompass all of life, and we no longer serve our own interests but those of the greater collective.

Once we do finally overcome our indifference and take stock of the very real and substantial damage were causing, we have to ask ourselves the question—is it worth it? Is the pleasure derived from cooked flesh of such enormous gratification to be worth taking part in the absolutely hellish slaughter of billions of animals? Is it really worth remaining in a diminished state of consciousness and being subject to all of its limitations and risks? Is it really worth contributing to what will eventually lead to an environmental collapse and ultimately a planet-wide extinction event? I should think the answer would certainly be no, unless we are prepared to forsake our future generations to an uninhabitable planet and condemn our souls indefinitely to lower-vibrational existence. This may seem a rather harsh and unbelievable outcome, however, it’s evidently clear now that the global ecosystem is exceedingly fragile and can become destabilized with the loss of even one critical species. As the growth of cattle farming is the leading cause of deforestation and ultimately the extinction of species, this eventuality is certainly plausible and may very well rest on the relinquishment of these destructive tendencies. The spiritual consequences, although seemingly more tenuous, are equally realistic and can clearly be observed by the contrast in one’s mindset after having regularly practiced veganism.

The practicality of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is far more manageable than what is commonly supposed. Aside from the removal of meat, what generally causes the anxiety is the realization that nearly all of the processed, prepackaged meals, desserts, snacks etc., typically contain some form of animal product, usually eggs or milk. This leads one to think that veganism constrains you to a strict diet of just fruits and vegetables. This is definitely not the case as there is now a wide variety of vegan alternative foods, which include everything from dairy product alternatives, such as milks and cheeses, to a wide range of meat substitutes. So essentially, you can prepare just about any of the conventional dishes by substituting the animal products with vegan alternatives. Of course, the finished product might not be absolutely identical in taste, but surely the degree of difference would be inconsiderable as compared with the severe ramifications heretofore described. In addition, the preparation of foods from scratch, using one’s own selected ingredients, would of course be considered sensible as harmful food additives can be avoided, such as GMO ingredients and preservatives.

There may be some question as to why the full abstention of all animal products is seen as necessary, namely those products that do not require physical extermination to procure, such as milk and eggs. In the case of eggs, it’s quite self-evident that an egg is an embryonic life form and consequently would be afforded the same status as all life, thus necessitating that it be treated by equal standards. In the case of milk from cows, it’s obvious that given their undeniably inhumane treatment, supporting such industries would entail direct accountability and thus would certainly constitute an infringement upon universal principles. This is further substantiated when we take into account that cattle, as all life-forms, are sovereign species by right, and are not born subservient to the selfish needs of human captors. This understanding sheds much light on the horrendous nature of what should be viewed as an absolutely brutal enslavement that is being perpetrated on an innocent species without the slightest bit of justification whatsoever. So in short, these acts are of such a gross offense to divine will that they would undoubtedly run counter to proper evolutionary practices and would certainly in some measure hinder spiritual development.

In closing, it would be useful to briefly frame this subject from a broader cosmological perspective while taking into account the phenomenon known as the “global spiritual awakening”. It is widely recognized now that a massive shift in consciousness is occurring at the global level. A large percentage of the population is becoming spiritually aware, and as a result the collective frequency of the planet is reaching an unprecedented level, which is beginning to upset the current paradigm that has been in place for millennia. It is becoming quite clear that these changes are not happening by chance, but rather that some coordinated effort is occurring on the spiritual level that, by appearances, seems to be transcending the nature of civilization to a more advanced state. As to the exact manner in which this is unfolding, there seems to be at the center of it, a distinct group of human beings who have a very prominent spiritual disposition and an unusual capacity for unconventional thinking. These humans, who are sometimes referred to as “soul volunteers”, are effectuating this change through the generation and dispersal of higher-vibrational thought-forms. On the energetic level, these thought-forms are effectively neutralizing the amassed negativity of the population while simultaneously counterbalancing its resultant negative manifestations. This is an immensely imperative undertaking as these negative thought emissions are beginning to coalesce to form a very bleak and dismal future. Needless to say, the measures to be taken by the volunteers in order to raise their frequency to sufficient levels need to be rigorous and far-reaching. They mustn’t allow themselves to be held back by the trivial allure of material amenities or the pressure of social conformance. They must maintain absolute expediency and always act in accordance with what is spiritually advantageous. Taking all of this into consideration and in light of such dire circumstances, the practice of veganism, which simply comes down to unconditional love and respect, is an absolutely vital obligation and should be duly executed with the utmost urgency.

Jim Hallahan

About the author: I would consider myself an “unofficial” spiritual advisor who specializes in the gentle cultivation of newly awakening starseeds. I see it as central the task of bringing abstract metaphysical concepts into the range of acceptability of the rationalistic mainstream. So in a sense, I see myself as a sort of “intermediary”—whose job is to help bridge that extensive gap between the spiritually awakened and the unfortunately unaware masses. It is an “exhilarating” line of work, and I’m honored to take part in it, even on such a small scale. I’m available to absolutely anyone who cares to contact me. I can be reached at: [email protected]

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