This Is How Emotions Can Harm Your Body

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This Is How Emotions Can Harm Your Body in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

Emotions are pretty normal for every human. That’s what makes the difference between us and the other living organism. We feel happiness, sadness, excitement, we worry… However, emotions harm your body. This might sound unbelievable, but it is true. Do you know how emotions harm your body?

Negative emotions which are mostly triggered by fear can zap the mental energy and good hope. This can lead to other health problems, including hypertension or indigestion. You need to learn how to recognize and identify your thoughts and emotions. You should also be fully aware of the consequences and their impact on your overall health, behavioral habits and even relationships.

This is how emotions harm your body:

1. Anger – If you are angry often, try not to because it weakens your liver. The liver disease may be fatal.

2. Shock – It is extremely hard to control your emotions, but at least try not to go through shocks very often because they affect the kidneys and the heart. Cardiovascular diseases are also fatal.

3. Fear – How many times as a kid, have you frightened or scared someone and then laughed together about it. Fear may be really bad for our body. It weakens the kidneys.

4. Worry – Worrying too much can damage your stomach, and then bring nothing but stomach aches which are not pleasant at all. Worrying too much affects the spleen as well.

5. Sadness or grief – These two emotions as those mentioned above cannot be fully controlled, but as mentioned before, try to lower their impacts on you. Sadness or grief affects your lungs, it produces fatigue, shortness of breath, and crying or it can even lead to depression.

6. Stress – It is really hard for us to avoid stress in the world we live. Try not to stress over anything. Stressing out too much weakens your brain and heart. Chronic stress affects your overall organism and its functions. Think about this next time you feel stressed.

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