This Man Materializes His Dreams And Creates Reality Through Photography

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This Man Materializes His Dreams And Creates Reality Through Photography

By Shawn Rutkowski
Guest writer,

If subjective reality is only our individual perception of sensory stimulus created within our consciousness and all structure according to quantum physics may not actually exist, if all atoms are proven to be constantly communicating as one on levels we may not even understand yet, then isn’t it a very real possibility that we all are just sharing a dream?
Maybe the ideology that change on a global scale starts with one has some truth in it. Maybe when almost all religions describe one god omnipotent in everything they were onto something. Maybe when I say I believe and from a young age sensed this ethereal force which is both you and I at the same time I am not crazy.

This Man Materializes His Dreams And Creates Reality Through Photography

I feel the camera to me is merely an extension or tool to what I see in my own perceived daily reality. So going by the logic in the first paragraph, in essence when I create a photograph of something I see or feel then I am only creating a perceived physical object as an image to share within our combined reality. This is beautiful in itself. My photographs are a window to my soul, a physical recreation of my unique perception of our universe. The best part is I get to share this beauty and happiness I see every waking hour with other human beings or my co-dreamers in the form of an image.

Are you still following me? It gets better! If I can materialize my dreams and or perceptions into an image within a dream then I certainly can create my own reality around me within the confines and laws of the shared dream. Sayings like “If you can dream it, you can do it!” or “Mind over matter.” finally have basis in this realization. Through passion, dreams and hard work the world is ours to sculpt.

Following this logic the true camera and or eye exists within my consciousness. The camera is merely a tool to share my perception or dream with others. One need not be a photographer to create their own reality but they must be open and receptive to all possibilities within the world and believe that they are able to become whatever they want within the confines of the shared perception.

As a great friend and mentor of mine Dale Scott Marion once said and which I have tattooed up my right side “There is no uncertainty in success, if there is you can be certain it won’t be a success.” As of recent I approach every instance of life with a calculated belief that I will succeed. Even if I know there is a high probability that I will fail I go into it believing I am the best.

Many times I have failed, many times for years on end. I can’t even count how many new beginnings I have because I have one every day. The only constant in my life has been the belief that I will succeed and with that belief I have repeatedly picked myself up with grace.

Whatever you do in life, do it with a conviction and belief in yourself that you are capable of everything because you are everything and everything is you.

I don’t know exactly why I am here on this earth but I know for sure I am here and receptive to the plans of the universe. I am not perfect by any means but I am allowing myself to assess my actions and thoughts on a daily basis and grow as an individual. It is my belief that if we as individuals start small changing for the better we can all change the energy of this dream from negative to positive. Maybe just maybe we can transcend as a species into the next logical evolutionary step and what I believe as our original home, pure energy and thought.

I am a believer that eventually the usage of a body will become null and void in our world. We have evolved to the most amazing physical beings. I mean have you ever really thought about how intricate your own body is, within every cell a universe? Unfortunately the body like many perceived physical objects has flaws. In my eyes the next logical step in evolution would be to break free of a body and exist purely as consciousness. I will leave that thought for another day though.

About the author:
Shawn Rutkowski. NYC based Internationally Published Photographer. Stylist. Marketer. Visionary.

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