Top 10 Organic Skin Care Product Questions

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Top 10 Organic Skin Care Product Questions

By Lisa Wray 

Organic and natural skin care products claim to be beneficial for your skin. Free of harmful preservatives and additives, organic and natural skin care products is an industry that has created some fantastic products that can feed your body and not harm it. With sales rapidly expanding due to the industry taking a more proactive role in being responsible with labeling laws and with some countries regulating the industry, more and more companies are now joining the move to offer non-toxic products for your skin. So what is all the fuss about? Here are 10 reasons why we need to consider buying organic and natural skin care products to keep you healthy.

1. Q. Is Organic Skin care Safe and How is it labeled?

A. Yes, Organic skin care is safe to use because the ingredients are from natural plant based materials and leave out the synthetic chemicals. A label on any product like moisturizer, face masks, essential oils, rubs, and creams that are for sale declaring the product is organic can mean different things depending on the type of certification the product has. This will vary from country to country.

•100 Percent Organic: Skin care products that display this label can only be used on products that contain 100% organic ingredients.

•Organic: Skin care products that display this label can only be used on products that contain at least 95 % organic ingredients or components. Products with this label may contain some ingredients that are not organic.

•Made With Organic Ingredients: Skin care products that display this label can only be used on items that contain at least 70 % organic ingredients. This certification means that although the majority of ingredients used in the product are indeed organic, there may also be a high concentration of conventionally produced ingredients.

2. Q. What does Organic Skin Care Mean?

A. Organic skin care means we are getting a product that is free from or has dramatically reduced amounts of chemicals in the products. From the farming process of growing the botanical ingredients to the factory processes there should be no chemicals or genetically modified botanical plant material in any of the products.

Q. How long do Organic products last for?

A. Organic skin care products are beneficial for the health of your skin, but if they are truly organic, their shelf life is cut in half from synthetic chemical based products, because it’s the synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives to prolong the shelf life of a product for several years. Anything organic and natural is fresher and it only lasts a short shelf life. There are natural preservative they can use but they don’t last very long as well. This is one way to check the authenticity of organic products, by the expiration date. Only synthetic chemical ingredients prolong the shelf life.

3. Q. What does Organic Mean?

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A. There is more than one classification of organic certification, but the broad term organic refers to an item that has minimal to no chemical residue in the growing and processing of botanical materials and is not modified genetically or use with potential toxins.

4. Q. What does Certified Organic mean?

A. Organic certification labels indicate the concentration of organic botanical materials within a product, but what does organic mean, really? The terms listed here are used to describe skin care products that are produced in a way that conforms to certain standards:

•No Harmful Toxins:Conventionally produced crops are routinely sprayed with chemicals and otherwise exposed to potentially harmful compounds, some of which have been proven to be harmful to people and animals in certain concentrations. Plants that are sprayed with pesticides, or that are grown in chemically treated soil, can potentially pass the same toxins along to the person or animal eating the food or applying it to their skin. Organic skin care products do not contain these chemicals and are produced with minimal processing.

•No Synthetic or Artificial Ingredients:While conventionally produced items commonly contain artificial colors and ingredients, organic items are not allowed to contain anything artificial. Any dyes used in organic items will be natural, organic dyes and there will not be artificial preservatives.

•No Genetically Modified Organisms: GMO’s are not allowed in any organic skin care product. A genetically modified organism is an item that has been genetically altered to change something about the item. For example, a tomato that is genetically modified to grow larger or a wheat crop genetically modified to better sustain cool weather are both GMOs. You will not find GMOs in organic skin care.

•Agricultural Sustainability: Organic items are produced with the environment in mind. Packaging is minimal; meaningless waste after the item has been used. Recycled materials are used during the production and packaging of organic items. Organic farming can be more costly and time consuming than conventional farming, which accounts for the higher prices associated with organic items.

•Cruelty Free: Most organic products, especially skin and hair care products, can boast the claim of not being tested on animals. Even though cruelty free has nothing to do with the ingredients they use to make skin care. But it’s worth noting that if an ingredient like lanolin is to be used to as an ingredient in making skin care products the sheep’s wool and pastures they are eating and husbandry management all need to be chemical free enabling the by-products to be certified organic.

It is important to note that in order for us to avoid any items that contain chemical toxins, GMOs or any other undesirable components, online shoppers should look for organic items that are labeled 100 % organic.

5. Q. How do I know if a Skin care product is Organic and Natural?

A. Look for evidence on the packaging like:

•Is the use- by- date shorter than synthetic chemical products

•Certified Organic logo on the product

•Labeling – 100% Organic or not

•Natural ingredients are in the title of the product synthetic ones just put natural and not the real ingredients, e.g. banana and avocado mask vs natural face mask

•Natural ingredients are listed – some chemical sounding and looking ingredient names are actually natural products. To find out more details about natural ingredients there is a great website called Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. Eg Hyladroilic acid sounds bad but it is OK to use.

6. Q. Why do we need to use Organic Skin care?

A. Organic and natural skin care is a safe and heather way of looking after your skin and treating any skin problems. At the same time you are helping to conserve and protect the environment and to safe guard it against further decay and corporate greed.

7. Q. Why do we need to Buy Organic Skin care?

A. By buying organic and natural products we are helping to lower the impact on the earth and the environment. Organic farmers have the potential to use less energy, less water resources, and NO pesticides. Organic farmers don’t have to apply the same farming commercial farming practice, because their soil stays rich in content, moisture and nutrients due to careful management of land and using only natural organic matter to cultivate and grow their crops. With commercialized agriculture arriving in farming communities, many organic farmers are forced out of business. Great expanses of farm land are cleared of trees and are swallowed up and a way of life that has sustained humans for centuries vanishes. Each year dozens of new pesticides, cleaners, fertilizers show up in local supermarkets and stores. These products that are heavily advertised with little regard to environmental impacts are purchased and used and thus the pollution and destruction of the earth continues at a slow and steady pace. Organic farmers, live clean, free of pesticides and chemicals lives. They do not subject the soils and farming practices with chemicals leaving toxic waste and residue or subject their bodies to unhealthy products. It is a conscious choice that we should all be thankful for, without organic farming we wouldn’t have any organic and natural skin care products to use. Otherwise we would be forced to use synthetic chemical laden ones. A choice they make so we all can survive with nature and enhance the planet that sustains us all.

8. Q. Where can you get Organic Skin care products from?

A. There are lots of natural and organic shops that stock natural skin care and hair care and cosmetic products now. Everywhere you go there seems to be another online shop and website popped up around the corner. How do you make sense of all this information that is available? Best thing to do is find a website that you can trust the information they are telling you. If it sounds reasonable to you then its probably OK, but if you are doubtful and doesn’t sound very ethical chances are its not trust worthy.

9. Q. When can you use Organic Skin care?

A. Natural and organic skin care products are available for you to use when ever you like. There are no restrictions as to when you can use natural and organic products. They will have a shorter shelf life due to fresh ingredients being used. However this should only be a good reason as it demonstrates a quality product.

10. Q. How does Organic Skin care products benefit my skin and health?

A. Organic versus Healthy Organic and natural skin care, hair care and cosmetics is arguably healthier than its synthetic counterparts. Conventionally produced skin care is commonly exposed to toxic pesticides, herbicides and preservatives as well as artificial colors and flavors. Genetically modified organisms are also sometimes found in conventional skin care. In this sense, organic skin care is gentler and healthier for our bodies than the conventionally produced counterparts.

On the other hand, a label of “organic” does not automatically mean “healthier.” An organic skin care cream may not have artificial flavors and may not contain the same toxins as a conventional skin care cream, but the organic skin care can still contain non-organic ingredients if they are using only partially organically grown ingredients.

The label of organic means the skin care is composed of organic ingredients but does not guarantee the product to be totally free of chemicals thus making it only a bit healthier than its counter parts, which has to be better than totally using the chemical laden creams. So is organic better for you than chemical laden products? Yes, of course it has to be, who would want to subject their bodies to more chemicals when we can’t avoid the chemicals in the air we breathe but we can make a conscious choice about what we put on our skin. So make the change and feel the difference. You will thank yourself for it in the long run. As an increasing awareness of damage to the planet and how we treat our bodies becomes more and more prevalent there needs to be an urgent shift towards us all using organic products. We all find the idea attractive that organic products are free of chemicals, which can be harmful to our bodies. And along with the belief that organic methods of farming are better for the resources of the planet and far less a contributor to the greenhouse effect (as opposed to conventional farming) we all should help make the change toward using origin products. Various regulated governing bodies around the world play a huge part in ensuring that organic products are regulated so that people are receiving healthier products. Despite the shift of attitudes towards organic products it still has its fair share of critics such as those who claim organic is actually unsafe due to a reduced protection against diseases and infection.

So to make our lives easier I have compiled over 70 companies that stock online natural body products into one website, so you don’t have to keep searching for individual shops to find your favorite brands. I invite you to further explore my website Natural Body Products Shops to find out how they can help you with your skin problem. has over 70 Natural Body Product online shops that sell natural and organic makeup, skin care, hair care, shaving and any other products related to natural and organic health and lifestyle for both female and male audiences.

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